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Curriculum Committees

The Curriculum Committees review the curricular programs of the university.

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Sharon Bailey Glasco, Chair
  • Megan Bestwick, At-large and Vice-Chair
  • Belle Bezdicek, Arts and Humanities
  • Kate Lorenzen, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Bronwyn Graves, Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Business

  • Virlena Crosley, Co-Chair
  • Maria Ponzi
  • Michelle Nelson

School of Nursing

  • Kiki Fornero, Co-Chair 
  • Ashley Goar, Co-Chair
  • Lindsay Baldini
  • Jordan Ferris
  • Kim Kintz
  • Mary LaMagna

Linfield Libraries

  • Pat Love, Chair
  • Maureen Barney
  • Chase Andrews
  • Amanda Fleming
  • Darla Garcia

Course Proposals, Deletions and Changes

For 2023-24, all course proposals, deletions, and changes must be submitted via Courseleaf CIM:

New, deleted, or changed COURSE:
New, deleted or changed PROGRAM, MAJOR or MINOR:
Miscellaneous changes:

The following worksheets have been created to ease departmental collaboration. Once finalized, data must be entered using the appropriate link above.

New Course Worksheet
Change Existing Course Worksheet
New Program Worksheet
Change Existing Program Worksheet
Miscellaneous Worksheets:  INQS | Jan Term | Policy | Special Topics

Before you submit any proposals, you should consult with your Curriculum Committee Chair to ensure that your proposal meets all of the necessary requirements.


2023-24 Deadlines

University Curriculum Committee Dates and Deadlines AY 2023-2024:

September 22, 2023: Deadline for course proposals (new courses, changes to existing courses, and course inactivation's) for Spring 2024. Please note that beginning in Fall 2024, this date will be moved up to August 30, 2024.

October 6, 2023: Deadline for significant changes to a major or minor for next catalog year

October 13, 2023: Deadline for Final January Term 2025 off-campus course proposals (tentative)

December 1, 2023: Deadline for course proposals (new courses, changes to existing course, course inactivation's) for Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and January 2024

February 2, 2024: Deadline for small changes to a major or minor for next catalog year

March 7, 2024: Deadline for Initial January Term 2024 off-campus proposals (tentative) 


Linfield Curriculum Working Groups

The CAS Curriculum Committee oversees eight Working Groups, who are responsible for Linfield Curriculum designations and assessment of Linfield Curriculum learning outcomes. These assessments are reported annually as part of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunch series.

Creative Studies (CS)
Individuals, Systems, and Societies (IS)
Natural World (NW)
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
Ultimate Questions (UQ)
Vital Past (VP)
Global Pluralisms (GP)
U.S. Pluralisms (US)

Making Course/Program changes in CIM


Editing the Catalog