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LC Portfolio

Each student has a portfolio in Blackboard to collect their documentation/exemplars that demonstrate that they have met the requirements of the Linfield Curriculum. Learn more about LC Portfolios.

The Linfield Curriculum (LCs)

What - it is

All Linfield students must complete a set of core requirements known as the Linfield Curriculum, or LCs. The LCs purpose is to foster the development of wholly-educated students by providing an educational experience that spans the arts & humanities, natural sciences and social & behavioral sciences. There are six "Modes of Inquiry" LCs and two "Diversity Studies" LCs:

  • Creative Studies (CS) – art, creative writing, literature, music, theatre
  • Individuals, Systems & Societies (IS) – psychology, sociology, anthropology
  • Natural World (NW) – biology, chemistry, physics
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR) – math, economics, physics
  • Ultimate Questions (UQ) – philosophy, religious studies
  • Vital Past (VP) – history, political science, music, literature
  • Global Pluralisms (GP) – courses focus students’ attention beyond their national borders
  • U.S. Pluralisms (US) – courses explore the diverse experiences of those living within the United States

Click for more information about the Linfield Curriculum.

Why - is it important for me to know about

If your course has an LC designation then you will have to prepare your syllabus to reflect it. Your student learning outcomes will include outcome (s) specific to the Mode of Inquiry addressed. If a student takes your course to fulfill an LC requirement, they will  submit one of your class assignments as an exemplar of the course's relevance to the LC. It's important for you to pay attention to any LC designation that is assigned to your courses. Your syllabus will need to include course outcome(s) related to the LC and you will need to include assignments that are relevant to that LC and can be submitted as an exemplar.