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Working with students with disabilities

You may encounter students who have any type of disability that may require them extra support and assistance to succeed. There are many resources available to students as well as faculty. Learning support services works to support students with disabilities by providing academic assistance, accommodations and access in addition to working cooperatively with all students to help create resources.

The links below offer direct resources for faculty to view FAQs, Notification letter, OCE LSS page and Universal Designs.

FAQs Check out the answers to frequently asked questions about working with students with disabilities.

Notification Letter When a student needs an accommodation in your class, you will receive a notification letter from the Learning Support Services office.

OCE LSS Page Students in OCE who want services from LSS will use this link. You might have a student in your class who self discloses that they have a disability. You are welcome to encourage the student to seek support from Learning Support Services. 

Universal Designs Accommodating special needs is something we do after the fact to help a particular student. Universal Design is a set of strategies that will improve your classes for ALL students before the fact.