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Help for Your Students

Linfield Online and Continuing Education (OCE) offers online students a variety of resources. By becoming aware of these services, you may be able to help a struggling student find the right resource at the right time.

The Linfield Libraries 

Linfield has a rich library with many tools and resources that online students can access. Including digital access to a vast collection of peer reviewed journals, inter-library loan, books mailing service and more.

We even have our own Librarian, who is dedicated to serving the needs of online students and their faculty. She can assist you in identifying resources for your course. She can also work with your class or individual students in preparation for research projects you assign.


Learning Support Services offers tutoring to online students. Tutors are available as a supplemental academic resource to help apply a deeper understanding of class material and practice new concepts. There is no cost to utilize tutoring and students can utilize tutoring for multiple classes as needed. Encourage students who might benefit from this extra assistance to contact or direct them to the tutoring page to request a tutor.


Upon admission each online student is assigned to an adviser who guides them through to graduation. Students typically meet with their adviser each term before registration, or as needed. If you have a struggling student encourage them to reach out to their adviser.

Academic Alerts

OCE now has access to the Academic Alert system through Webadvisor. If you have a student who is not attending your class consistently and/or who is at risk of failing, submit an academic alert. This will automatically send an email to the student and their adviser with your concerns.

Learning Support Services

LSS helps students develop the learning skills necessary to succeed in college. Open to all students, they also provide specialized assistance to meet the needs of students with disabilities.