Inside Linfield - Blackboard Information


What it is:

BBLearn is Linfield’s online learning management system. It provides a place for faculty and students to securely build and share content and interact with one another. The system hosts a variety of components to help facilitate teaching and learning such as discussion boards, a grade book, journals, chat rooms, an assignment manager, and more. The components help people to connect and learn outside of the classroom.

How we use it

  • Technology enriched instruction. McMinnville (MAC) and Portland (PDX) campus faculty use BBLearn activities to supplement their classroom teaching.
  • Hybrid instruction. MAC and PDX campus faculty use BBLearn activities to replace some of the time students would spend in the classroom.
  • Fully online instruction. OCE, MAC and PDX  faculty use BBLearn as the classroom where all course interaction and learning activities occur.

For every course offered at Linfield, a BBLearn course is created automatically. As students enroll they are automatically added to the BBLearn course. Note that if a Mac instructor wants to use their BBLearn courses they must make the course available for students.

What if I have problems?

First contact your instructor & check the Help for Students or Tips for Faculty pages. For online help, contact Linfield Blackboard Support. For email support, contact an administrator directly or through