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Qualities of a successful Online Teacher

What qualities do you need to be a successful online teacher?

  1. Technology ease - In order to be an effective online teacher, you must be able to use and learn online tools. Our faculty do much of the work to design their courses and keep them fresh. While we assist with online pedagogy and technology, we do not do it for the faculty. Are you ready? This self assessment will give you an idea of how ready you are to take the plunge. 

  2. Student centered-ness - Linfield is committed to high-level engagement between faculty and students. In our online classes, faculty get to know their students and strive to adapt their teaching to the needs of each learner.

  3. Commitment to active learning - The faculty at OCE believe that students learn more deeply and retain more thoroughly when they apply content knowledge. OCE faculty use a variety of active learning strategies to help students use skills and knowledge including: discussion, case studies, projects, real life problem solving... 

  4. Knowledge and excitement about their discipline - OCE faculty are experts in their fields. They use their excitement to motivate students and their knowledge to instruct, overcome misconceptions and make connections to interdisciplinary concepts.

  5. Curation of digital content - Online learning offers teachers and students access to a vast collection of learning tools and resources. Online teachers are masters at sifting through and selecting just the right resource - a video, simulation, online activity, blog etc, - to enhance student understanding.
  6. Appreciation of learner differences. Our faculty are committed to our mission of fostering multicultural understanding. In the virtual classroom that means making sure all perspectives are heard. It also means acknowledging that not all students learn in the same way. Our faculty strive to provide multiple means for students to engage with content and demonstrate learning.