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Academic Alerts

What do you do when a student is not performing well in class?

These are some of the warning signs that a student needs help:

  • Has not signed into Blackboard for more than four days
  • Has not submitted one or more assignments
  • Submits assignments that reflect substandard work more than one time

1) Contact the student.

Email the student at their Linfield email address and share your concerns. Ask the student to reply with questions and or a plan to make improvements.

2) Issue an academic alert.

If you do not hear from the student or the signs continue, issue an academic alert. Academic alerts are not punitive. They are intended to

  1. Get the students attention
  2. Alert the student's advisor that the student many need help
  3. And provide clarity about what the student needs to do to regain good academic standing in your class

How to send an academic alert:

  • Log in to your Etrieve account.
  • Select ADV Academic Alert in the Forms tab.
  • This form will ask for the term, class and student name.
  • Select the appropriate attendance and academic information boxes. You can include comments that are viewed by the student as well as private comments, not seen by the student. The private comments are used to communicate with the care team, advising staff and Learning Support Services.
  • Submit when complete.

Students who receive academic alerts are strongly encouraged to meet with the instructor issuing the alert, their faculty advisor, and to contact Learning Support Services.

View more information about academic alerts from the academic advising office.