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Course availability

When are courses available to students?
OCE courses are automatically opened to students on the Wednesday preceding the first day of Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Because the college is closed the week before Jan term begins, Jan term courses are opened on the Wednesday two-weeks prior to the start of term.

Students have access to the courses in which they are enrolled for three full terms - the semester in which they participated and two additional terms.

When are courses available to faculty?
Courses are generated prior to the start of registration for the term in which the course will run.

  • Summer and Fall Term courses are created and made available in March (Registration begins in April).
  • Jan Term and Spring Term courses are created and made available in October (Registration begins in November).

Courses continue to be active and available to instructors for two full years.

What if I need a course made available when it is not?
If you need a course shell in order to develop a new course, we can create one for this purpose. Once the courses in which students will register are created, we can help you copy your content into the correct course.

If you need access to an older course, that has been made inactive, contact OCE and we can open it up.