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Technology Advisory Council

The Technology Advisory Council (TAC), a sub-committee of the University Planning and Budgeting Council (CPBC), develops, writes, evaluates, and updates the Linfield University Information Technology Services (ITS) Plan. The purpose of TAC is to evaluate, review, and advise in planning for acquisitions, maintenance, and use of current and future technology throughout the university. The council submits policy recommendations to the University Planning and Budget Council (CPBC). The council recommends training activities that assist all university faculty and staff in the use of technology.

The duties and functions of TAC are closely aligned with the ITS Plan.

Duties and Functions:

  • Provide recommendations to CPBC for technology priorities and acquisitions
  • Advise on policies, procedures and standards for information technology
  • Review the ITS Plan annually
  • Provide input to the CPBC and other committees on funding strategies for growth and replacement of core information technology resources

Membership of the TAC:

Term of non-ex officio members is two years. Membership should ensure at least one member is a Colleague user. Membership is as follows:

  • Three faculty members, including one from the Portland Campus, appointed by the Faculty Planning and Budget Committee (FPBC)
  • One student appointed by the Associated Students of Linfield University (ASLU)
  • One non-exempt employee appointed by the Linfield Staff Assembly
  • One McMinnville campus and one Portland campus exempt employee appointed by the Administrative Leadership Council (ALC)
  • One Online and Continuing Education representative, appointed by the Director of OCE
  • Chief Information Officer (ex officio, Chair)
  • Director of the Library (ex officio)
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs (ex officio, or designee)
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration (ex officio, or designee)

Other employees with helpful expertise or subject matter knowledge of specific issues addressed in TAC meetings will be invited as appropriate.