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Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees all institutional aspects of faculty professional work, via two subcommittees and a working group.

  • Michael Crosser, Chair
  • Sonia Ticas, Arts and Humanities
  • Andrea Reinkemeyer, Arts and Humanities
  • Megan Bestwick, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Chuck Dunn, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Marcella Gowan, Portland
  • Cheryl Langford, Portland
  • Yanna Weisberg, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dawn Nowacki, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Promotion and Tenure Subcommittee

Michael Crosser (Chair), Chuck Dunn, Dawn Nowacki, Sonia Ticas, Cheryl Langford

The Promotion and Tenure Subcommittee: 

  1. examines applicant files for promotion and tenure and makes appropriate recommendations directly to the Dean of Faculty and President; 
  2. works with the full committee to determine and publicize appropriate criteria for what constitutes teaching, research, and service, and conducts regular reviews of these criteria; 
  3. works with the full committee to provide consistent understandings of teaching and research definitions and conditions; and 
  4. conducts workshops on the preparation of files in advance of application for promotion/tenure.

Promotion and Tenure Information
Departmental Guidelines

Faculty Development Subcommittee

Michael Crosser (Chair), Megan Bestwick, Marcella Gowan, Andrea Reinkemeyer, Yanna Weisberg

The Faculty Development Subcommittee:

  1. oversees, expands, and implements opportunities for faculty development; 
  2. awards Faculty Development Grants, Student Faculty Collaborative Research Grants, and Sabbatical leaves or leaves of absence to further ongoing research and creative projects; and 
  3. addresses other issues of faculty concern, including, but not limited to: instructional technologies, research support such as library services and grant application assistance, students with special needs, and academic advising issues as they pertain to faculty.

Internal Grants

Staffing Working Group

The Staffing Working Group reviews and updates staffing priorities annually; considers and recommends staffing proposals to the Dean of Faculty and President, and serves as the nominating committee for Faculty Executive Council.