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Internal Faculty Grants

Faculty Professional Development Grants

The Faculty Development Subcommittee provides funding for faculty-initiated projects that enhance the scholarship, creative work and teaching of Linfield University. These Faculty Development Grants may support (a) research or creative work, (b) course improvement, or (c) enhancement of professional capabilities.

Preference will be given to work that promises to improve the quality and effectiveness of the educational program of the university in the short or long run. Grants will be modest in extent, and may be used to start work that can be continued with external support. Funding ordinarily will not be provided for faculty salaries or stipends. 

There are two funding rounds for Faculty Development Grants. The deadline for the fall round is the first Monday in October. The deadline for the spring round is the first Monday in March. The recipient must use the funds within eighteen months of notification of the award.

Details regarding Faculty Development Grant proposals can be found in the Faculty Handbook, section V.4.1. Grant applications will be reviewd by the Deans' Council and awarded by the Office of Academic Affairs. All Faculty Development Grant applications and post-grant reports must be emailed to

Faculty Development Grant Application
Research Misconduct Policy


Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grants

Linfield University awards funds allowing faculty and students to participate in collaborative research projects that contribute to a faculty member's long-term professional development and to the students' development of skills in a specific academic field.

Grants may support a collaborative research project or creative work involving at least one Linfield faculty member and at least one student. The project(s) should be related to and benefit the faculty member’s long-term professional development and, where possible, serve as seed money for extra-institutional funding. The student(s) may not receive academic credit for the same activity. The project(s) should also relate to the student(s)’ academic and career interests and offer clear benefits in this regard.

Finally, the project(s) should have as a goal the collaborative production of knowledge and/or artistic, musical, dramatic or literary creation that will be shared with the professional community through publication or presentation. Student recipients are required to participate in the annual Student Symposium, next held on April 26, 2021.

Proposals are due the first Monday in March and may fund activities during the summer or the academic year. Details regarding Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grants can be found in the Faculty Handbook, section V.4.2. Grant applications will be reviewed by a faculty panel and awarded by the Office of Academic Affairs. All applications and post-grant reports must be emailed to

If you deferred a 2020 SFCRG, Kris Wessel in Academic Affairs will contact you regarding next steps.

Student Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Information and Checklist
Student Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Application Form
Research Misconduct Policy