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Dean's Travel Fund

The Office of Academic Affairs supports travel to national, international or regional meetings where faculty members present scholarly papers or research or contribute as officers to the operation of their professional organization(s). Faculty members who wish to apply for support from this fund should do so in September, when the Dean of Faculty issues a call to departments to forward such requests.

Proposals for anticipated participation are appropriate even when confirmation has not yet been received. Allocations will be determined after taking the total request pool into account. First priority will be given to those delivering substantive papers as part of a conference program or invited talks, exhibitions or performances within their fields of expertise. Second priority goes to those chairing panels or serving as officers of professional associations. Third priority (funding permitting) accrues to those officially representing the college in ways benefiting the larger institution. Allocations will be made with an eye toward covering the full expenses of a single trip for all applicants, but those terms may not always be met if requests substantially exceed available funds. Original allocation amounts will be respected even if actual costs exceed earlier estimates.

There is no guarantee that funds will remain for requests made after September, but in most years the Dean will reserve a small fund to assist faculty travel plans that cannot be formulated until professional organizations announce their plans for a given year.

For more information, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at