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Internal Funding

The Office of Academic Affairs provides funding for faculty, students, and visiting speakers to travel to and from Linfield in support of their scholarship. 

Faculty Travel Fund

Travel to national, international, or regional meetings is supported where faculty members present scholarly papers or research or contribute as officers to the operation of their professional organization(s).

Proposals for anticipated participation are accepted when confirmation has not yet been received. Priorities are:

  • Delivering substantive papers as part of a conference program or invited talks, exhibitions, or performances within their fields of expertise.
  • Chairing panels or serving as officers of professional associations.

Travel for faculty officially representing the university in ways benefiting the larger institution may be considered.

Complete the 2021-22 Faculty Travel Fund Form by Monday, October 4, 2021.


Student Travel Fund

The Office of Academic Affairs supports faculty-led student travel to national or regional conferences, exhibitions, or performances within their fields of study.

Complete the 2021-22 Student Travel Fund Form by Monday, October 4, 2021.


Speaker Fund

Effective spring 2022, speaker funding requests take place twice per year. Please consult with your colleagues about possible speakers and formalize those into requests for funding from the Speaker Fund. As in the past, speakers with interdisciplinary connections beyond the requesting department will be especially well received, which means that joint proposals involving several departments or programs are encouraged.

The application requires you to address rationale, audience, costs, and venue for the speaker(s).

Complete the Fall 2022 Speaker Fund Form for Fall 2022 speakers by Monday, March 14, 2022.