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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is a deliberative and legislative body empowered by the Board of Trustees to perform certain functions in the educational life of Linfield University per Article XI of the Linfield University Bylaws.

The Senate reviews and makes recommendations to the Deans, Provost, and President regarding issues of Curriculum, Faculty, and Student Policies. 

With respect to Curriculum, the Faculty Senate is responsible for:

  • changes to the general education requirements of the University.
  • curricular changes by one school or college that impact a department or academic program in one of the other schools or college.
  • the adoption of or changes to University-wide educational programs.

With respect to Faculty, the Faculty Senate is responsible for:

  • matters affecting faculty working conditions.
  • facilitating population of University-wide committees.
  • fairness of the promotion and tenure recommendations of the schools and colleges with their respective promotion and tenure policies.
  • the nomination or renewal of the Faculty-Nominated Trustee to the Board of Trustees.

Finally, with respect to Student Policies, the Faculty Senate is responsible for:

  • establishing academic student policies that pertain to academic progress toward degree completion, evaluation and grading of academic work, academic probation and suspension.
  • policies pertaining to student academic misconduct and collaborate with appropriate University administrators responsible for University sanctioning of academic misconduct cases.
  • policies related to academic freedom and freedom of speech for students within the classroom and any related learning environment.
  • academic grievance policies that provide due process for students and shall advise and be responsible for the functioning of student programs that directly relate to an academic major.

2022-23 Meeting dates

The Faculty Senate meets on the following dates from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

July 11, 25
August 8, 22
September 12, 26
*October 17, 31
November 14, 28
*December 12
January 9, 23
February 13, 27
March 13, 27
April 10, 24
May 8, 22
June 12, 26

* Note that the October meetings are on the third and fifth Mondays, as the second Monday is Fall Break.   Additionally, there will be no Faculty Senate meeting on Boxing Day (12/26/22).


The Faculty Retreat will take place on Monday, September 19 on Linfield's Portland Campus.

Agendas, minutes, and archives can be found in the Faculty Senate Archives in SharePoint.


2022-23 Faculty Senate members

College of Arts & Sciences
Chuck Dunn, Chair (NSM, 6/30/24)
Tonda Liggett (SBS, 6/30/23)
Kay Livesay  (At-Large, 6/30/23)
Janet Gupton (AH, 12/31/22)

School of Business
Virlena Crosley  (6/30/23)
Chris Dahlvig  (6/30/24)
Denise Farag, Co-Vice Chair  (6/30/24)
Rainer Seitz  (6/30/23)

School of Nursing
Heidi Johnston (6/30/24)
Kim Kintz  (6/30/23)
Ingrid Flanders, Co-Vice Chair  (6/30/23)
Kiki Fornero (6/30/24)

Ex Officio (non-voting)
Maureen Barney, Library (6/30/23)

Faculty Senate Secretary/Archivist
Andrew Baggett  (6/30/23)