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Major Health Organizations

American Medical Association
You can find information on Ethics, education, science, and accreditation. You can look at the journals and American medical news. There is information for Physicians and information on Health and fitness.

National Institutes of Health
An introduction to some of the many Health information resources provided by the National Institutes of Health.

National Cancer Institute NCI
The Cancer Information Service, a national information and education network, is a free public service of the NCI, the Nation's primary agency for cancer research. The CIS is your source for the latest, most accurate cancer information for patients, their families, the general public, and Health professionals

American Medical Association - AMA
Here's what the AMA does: They "serve the physicians and their patients by establishing and promoting ethical, educational, and clinical standards for the medical profession and by advocating for the highest principle of all--the integrity of the physician/patient relationship."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This site has just about anything you could possible want to look up. Some of the information you can find here is: About the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), What's In the News, Health Information, Travelers' Health, Publications, Software, & Products, Data & Statistics, and there's even information on Training & Employment. There is a journal on Emerging Infectious Disease, a CDC Prevention Guide, and a way to subscribe to their mailing list. There are also links to other sites.

Department of Health and Human Services
The department of Health and human services is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the Health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The department includes more than 300 programs, covering a wide spectrum of activities. Some highlights include Health issues, Organ Donor program, and Talking about fatherhood.

National Library of Medicine
Here you can find information on Special Information Programs, Databases & Electronic Information Sources, Publications, Research Programs, Grants and Acquisitions, and Health News

American College Health Association
The ACHA was founded in 1920 and is a national nonprofit organization serving and representing the interests of professionals and students in Health and higher education. Its mission is to be the principal advocate and leadership organization for college and university Health. The association provides advocacy, education, and services for its members to enhance their ability to improve the Health of all students and the campus community.

Online resource for college mental health as well as resources for self-care and good wellness habits.


Alcohol and Other Drugs

Biennial Review

Linfield University Alcohol & Drug Policy and Programs 2014-2016 Biennial Review

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA) was amended in 1989 to include institutions of higher education (IHE). In order to receive funds (or any other forms of financial assistance under any Federal program), DFSCA requires, and IHE to certify, that they have adopted and implemented an alcohol and other drug (AOD) prevention program in order to prevent “unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees.”

Linfield University is committed to maintaining an environment that supports the health and well-being of its community members, while discouraging the illicit use of drugs and alcohol. The College demonstrates this commitment through the continuous development of policies, programs, and services that support healthy lifestyles. The intent of this document is to meet the legal requirements of conducting a biennial review and summarize the various activities and programs that occurred on the Linfield University campus as they relate to drug and alcohol prevention.

Self-Help Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous
Self help for alcohol addiction

Narcotics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Other Information Sites

Do It Now Foundation
Youth oriented drug information

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Information and statistics

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Rave Safe
Information on risk reduction

Tobacco Prevention
Interactive tobacco prevention and cessation


Safe Sex and Sexual Assault Prevention

Go Ask Alice
Professionals, and peer professionals provide answers to many related questions

CDC National Prevention Information Network

I Wanna Know
Questions and answers about safer sex

Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction
One of the oldest and most respected institutions doing research in sexuality