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On-Campus After Hours Care

Your Resident Assistant, Area Director, Graduate Resident Director

Linfield Public Safety

Off-Campus After Hours Care

Physicians Medical Center
Let them know that you are a Linfield University student
2435 NE Cumulus ave, suite A, McMinnville

Willamette Valley Medical Center (Hospital)
2700 Stratus Avenue, McMinnville

Students are financially responsible for any off-campus care.

Emergency After Hours Care

  • Medical Care

    Willamette Valley Medical Center (Hospital)

    McMinnville Immediate Care

    Monday-Friday 9:00-7:00
    Saturday and Sunday 9:00-4:00
    No appointment necessary

    Fire, Police, & Paramedics
    9-911 from campus phones

    Oregon Poison Control

  • Mental Health Care

    Lines for Life Crisis Hotline

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    Call, Text or Chat at 988

    Willamette Valley Medical Center Emergency Room

    Yamhill County Urgent Mental Health Services

Non-Emergency Assistance During Clinic Closures

  • Immunization Records

    We only have immunization records that you have submitted to the Student Health, Wellness & Counseling Center. If you have been a patient at the Student Health Center and have submitted immunization information, please contact Physicians Medical Center at 503-472-6161 and medical records will check for that information in your chart.

  • Prescription Refills

    If you need a prescription refill, please have the pharmacy fax a request to Physicians Medical Center at 503-434-6290.
  • Medical Records

    To have your medical records sent to another provider, please fax a signed consent to release form to Physicians Medical Center at 503-434-6290. You may request a release form from The Health Information Department at Physicians Medical Center, 503-472-6161