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Protecting yourself on social media

Different social media platforms have different policies and procedures for restricting who sees you and how they can interact with you. If you are concerned about your visibility in social media, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself. The links below point to different program's instructions.


Adjusting your privacy settings

Everyone should check this regularly. Different platforms have different rules on which posts are public and private. Make sure you know who can see what you post!

Facebook Privacy Settings Overview
Instagram Privacy Settings
Twitter Privacy Settings - Protecting and Unprotecting your Tweets
SnapChat Change your Privacy Settings
WhatsApp Privacy Settings
Linkedin Privacy Settings

Blocking/unfriending people

Blocking and Unfriending on Facebook
Blocking People on Instagram
Blocking Accounts in Twitter
Deleting and Blocking Friends in SnapChat
Blocking People on WhatsApp
Blocking or Unblocking a Linkedin Member

Disabling location services

Features like Snap Map or Location Services in Facebook allow you to share your location with friends and maybe former friends; or the person looking over your friend's shoulder in Starbucks.

Snap Map Location Settings
Location Services in Facebook

Report fake profiles

If a fake profile (Impersonation Account) has been created with your name, report the profile to the service that is hosting it.

Report a Fake Profile in Facebook
Report an Impersonation Account in Instagram
Report an Impersonation Account in Twitter
Reporting Fake Profiles in Linkedin

Two-factor authentication (2FA)/ SMS verification

Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) or “SMS Verification” for all social media accounts will prevent someone from taking your password and logging in from their computer or phone. Consider avoiding your phone displaying text message content on the screen without unlocking your phone.

All major social media platforms support 2FA, and this is very important to consider for protecting your privacy if someone is trying to spy on you during a relationship or after a break-up. Here are links to all major social media’s 2FA information pages: