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Trainings and Workshops Offered Through SHWCC  

De-Stress Yourself

In this workshop, you’ll learn about your body’s responses to stress and some common stress symptoms. We’ll talk about good stress and bad stress. Yoga and breathing techniques will be introduced – things you can practice on your own that have proven to be effective de-stressors.

Improve Your Sleep Habits

This workshop will teach you about the importance of sleep and how much you need. You’ll learn about the signs of sleep deprivation and how lack of sleep impacts daily functioning. Methods for developing and implementing better sleep habits will be presented.

What’s Really Important?

This workshop is about values. You’ll learn what values are and why they’re so important to life satisfaction. You’ll be provided some assessments to help you identify your own values and we’ll discuss how these values define who you are and provide guidance for personal decision-making.

Communicating That You Care

Empathetic listening involves using a set of skills that show you are paying attention and you understand what’s being said. In this training, you’ll learn some of these basic skills and how to use them to facilitate empathy and a deeper connection with others.


This workshop focuses on mindfulness techniques. You’ll learn about the concept of mindfulness and how it can be applied to daily living. Several different techniques (breathing, eating, walking, sensory) will be taught and practiced; these are techniques that can easily fit into college life.

Academic Anxiety

A practical presentation of skills to help with anxiety-related procrastination, fear of failure, and help for feeling overwhelmed in times of finals and stressful assignments.

Food and Mood

Food and Mood is an open discussion about how food is often used to manage emotions.  You will learn skills for making changes, such as identifying your patterns, warning signs, and setting healthy goals. 

Healthy Dating

Practical instruction and tips on how to tell if you’re in a healthy and safe relationship. Discussion of your personal rights in relationships, how to set healthy boundaries, and identifying red flags.

How to Manage Conflict 

Does talking about conflict make you nervous? This workshop includes the presentation and practice of direct strategies for conversations on things like roommate disagreements, problems with friends, and asking for changes in relationships.