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Student Health Center

Any Linfield University Student is eligible to use the Student Health Center.

Health Care

Linfield health care providers are primary care providers trained to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries typically seen in a college aged population.  Common concerns managed through the health services are: reproduction health, mental health, infectious diseases, skin problems, injuries, respiratory problems, neurologic concerns, such as headaches.  We also work with student’s home providers to continue care for chronic medical conditions while the student is at school.  Some examples of chronic medical conditions are heart disease, arthritis, seizure disorders and kidney diseases. The health care providers have prescription privileges in the State of Oregon.  Limited laboratory work is done on campus, extensive laboratory work and x-ray services are done through an office campus provider and are the financial responsibility of the student. The Student Health Center is a service provided through your tuition fees in partnership with Physicians Medical Center.  Appointments are highly recommended but walk-ins are accommodated when space is available.  


In the overwhelming majority of situations, what someone tells a health professional will be confidential. This means that NO information can be disclosed to anyone (including parents, professors, coaches, other Linfield offices, etc.) without a written authorization from the client

The rare exceptions in which confidentiality would not be guaranteed are:

  • if the client is determined to pose an imminent danger to self or to others
  • if the client is under the age of eighteen and currently being abused
  • if the client reports abusing a minor child or senior adult
  • if a court of law orders that information disclosed in counseling be made available to a specified party or parties

Except for the circumstances noted above, information about someone’s contact with Health or Counseling services will not be released to other parties without a Release of Information authorization form signed by the student.  This written form will specify to whom the information is to be released, the type(s) of information to be released, the purpose(s) for releasing the information, and the dates for which the release is in effect. The student may revoke a Release of Information authorization at any time.

Another important thing to know: Information kept about the services someone receives from the Student Health, Wellness, and Counseling Center is not part of that student’s official Linfield academic file. Health and Counseling records are kept separately in Student Health, Wellness, and Counseling Center under lock and key. No one except the Health and Counseling staff members have access to these records.

This means that if a professor, coach, parent, friend or anyone else contacts us and asks for information, we will politely explain that we are unable to provide this information without a signed form from a client specifically authorizing us to do so.


The Health Center is primarily staffed by board certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants in consultation with the Medical Director Dr. Jacqueline Eriksen. Health promotion and prevention programs are provided by the health educator. The Health Services are provided through a contract between Linfield University and Physicians’ Medical Center. Our emphasis is on health promotion as well as treatment of specific medical problems. You can check out our Student Health Center Staff page.


The Student Health, Wellness and Counseling Center charges a $15 office fee for medical visits, which covers examination and in office lab work. Students are responsible for medication costs. Occasionally, some lab work requires an off-campus laboratory to perform. The charges for these labs are the responsibility of the student. There is a $15 per month fee for counseling care payable at the time of service by cash, check or billed to the student’s account.

*The frequency of visits will be determined by the student and counselor in keeping with the goals of therapy.  If you have the Linfield Student Insurance, please have the fee billed to your student account as our insurance carrier will reimburse the account at the end of each month.  If you don’t have Linfield Student Health Insurance, be sure to ask for a receipt for health services; your personal health insurance may reimburse you for this fee.  For students with financial need, the Student Health, Wellness and Counseling Center works closely with the Office of Financial Aid, to determine if the office visit or counsleing fee may be waived.  Please be sure to notify your provider or the office manager if you have a financial concern and want to discuss having fees waived.  No Linfield student will be denied services based on financial considerations.

Disclaimer: This site provides general educational information on health topics and about health services for Linfield Students. Its contents are not intended to diagnose, treat, or provide a second opinion on any health problem or disease. See your health care practitioner for specific medical assistance.