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Student Health Services

Any Linfield University Student is eligible to use the Student Health Center.

Emergency Contraception

Health Care

Linfield health care providers are primary care providers trained to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries typically seen in a college aged population.  Common concerns managed through the health services are: reproduction health, mental health, infectious diseases, skin problems, injuries, respiratory problems, neurologic concerns, such as headaches.  We also work with student’s home providers to continue care for chronic medical conditions while the student is at school.  Some examples of chronic medical conditions are heart disease, arthritis, seizure disorders and kidney diseases. The health care providers have prescription privileges in the State of Oregon.  Limited laboratory work is done on campus, extensive laboratory work and x-ray services are done through an office campus provider and are the financial responsibility of the student. The Student Health Center is a service provided through your tuition fees in partnership with Physicians Medical Center.  Appointments are highly recommended but walk-ins are accommodated when space is available.