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Prerequisites and Requirements

Overall requirements:

  • Successfully completed at least one semester of college before applying.
    • Transfer students may use the GPA from their former instition as evidence for qualification, along with an unofficial transcript from their former institution
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 to be considered for any semester/year or January term program (some programs require higher GPA).
  • In good academic and social standing
  • In language programs, preference will be given students maintaining a B average in their language grade.
  • Program Specific Requirements: many programs have additional requirements that can be found on each country's page. 

Please note: to participate in a semester abroad and January term off-campus course in the same academic year, special permission is required.

Selection Criteria

  • Spaces are limited, qualified students are chosen for each site through a competitive selection process, based on:
    • completed application
    • transcripts from Linfield and previous college work
    • letters of recommendation
    • advisor’s approval
    • interview with a selection committee
  • As preparation for overseas study, it's recommended students take SOAN 230 or TCCA 230 – Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives.

Requirements of Accepted Students

  • Mandatory Orientation Sessions - students selected must attend a mandatory orientation session, usually held in the spring prior to departure, and other program-specific meetings held throughout the semesters prior to going abroad.
  • All participants are enrolled in IDST 031 – Intercultural Communication: Departure and Re-entry, as part of their semester/year abroad curriculum.