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Semester abroad in Japan


Students can choose to study at: 

  • Kanto Gakuin University (KGU), Yokohama
    • Study Japanese language and culture at Linfield's oldest partner institution in Japan!
    • Classes and excursions are specifically arranged for Linfield students to create a welcoming and educational experience. 
    • Experience residence hall life at a Japanese university
    • Explore Yokohama, Japan's second largest city with KGU students, many of whom have previously studied at Linfield. 
  • Rikkyo University, Tokyo
    • A Japanese language program available for Japanese majors. 
    • Rikkyo University organizes events throughout the year and hosts a Global Lounge, where coordinators host activities designed to foster inter-cultural friendships. 
    • Enjoy the on-campus facilities including a fully furnished athletics center, pool and prayer room. 
    • Explore the metropolitan capital of Japan with group trips organized by Rikkyo University. 
  • Doshisha University  Kyoto 
    • A Japanese language program available for Japanese majors. 
    • The school offers over 170 official clubs ranging from sports teams to tea ceremony. 
    •  A variety of programs are planned for international exchange students including "international Day, an International Community Lounge, Kyoto Walking Tours and international cooking classes. 
    • The city of Kyoto is often called the historical and cultural center of Japan. With over 2000 temples and beautiful gardens, Kyoto served as the capital of Japan for approximately 900 years. 
  • Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU): Tokyo Campus, Sagamihara Campus
    • Japanese majors should study at the Aoyama (Tokyo) campus, while non Japanese majors and minors can choose which campus they wish to attend, based upon the area of study. 
    • More than 200 classes are taught in English, from statistics to political science
    • The International Exchange Center serves as a gateway to student life in Japan. English speaking staff will be there to plan activities and guide students through life in japan. 
    • The Aoyama Tokyo campus is located in one of the hubs of Tokyo in Shibuya and is steps away from the internationally-renowned pop culture of Harajuku and Omotesando. 


  • KGU 
    • Japanese Language Coursework
    • IDST 035 - Perspectives on Japan - 1 credit (Pass/Fail)
    • GLJP 306 - Japanese Culture and Society - 3 credits
    • GLJP 307 - Japanese Political and Economic Institutions -  3 credits
  • AGU



  • KGU
    • Fall only (late August - mid-December)
  • Rikkyo, AGU, & Doshisha
    • Fall (mid-September - late January)
    • Spring: (early April - early August)

Additional Requirements and Recommendations 

  • KGU
    • 1 year college-level Japanese, 2 years preferred
    • Required to take or audit appropriate level of Japanese semester prior to studying abroad
  • Rikkyo, AGU & Doshisha
    • Two years of college-level Japanese
    • Required to take or audit appropriate level of Japanese semester prior to studying abroad
  • AGU English Track
    • No language requirement

For all programs, It is highly recommended that students take TCCA 230 (Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives).



  • University housing arranged by Japanese university 

Rikkyo, AGU, Doshisha

  • Residence halls arranged by Japanese university



Other Information

Study Abroad Application - Download and Complete