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Study Abroad - Diversity & Inclusion

First Generation Students

Diversity Abroad's First Generation Students page has great information on things first gen students should be prepared for and steps you can take.

Go Abroad Guide for First Generation Students


Attitudes and views towards women can vary greatly between countries.  We encourage you to do research on countries you are interested in studying in.  The following is a list of resources to assist you in your research and preparation:

Immigration Resources


 "Cultures support, constrain, value or devalue public expressions of our sexual and gender identities variously, according to social norms, traditions, and values. That is to say, there is not global agreement about how much or how little sexual orientations matter, no universal standards for how freely one can express non-heteronormative identities in public, and no agreement across cultures about the human rights associated with sexual life."

- Davidson College

Davidson College's LGBTQ page is a great resource for LGBTQ students looking to study abroad.  It includes general information as well as student testimonials.

Additional Information:


 "Religion plays a role in many cultures around the world. When you go abroad, you may be exposed to different belief systems, which gives you an opportunity to learn more about your host country’s culture."

- Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad's Religious Diversity Abroad page has great information and resources to research religious freedoms and views abroad.

The International Religious Freedom Report describes the status of religious freedom in every country.

Students of Color

Students of color have been historically underrepresented when it comes to studying abroad.  However, the numbers of underrepresented students continue to rise.  The following is a list of resources to assist you in your preparations for going abroad:

African American Students:

Asian/Pacific Islander Students (All Abroad)

Hispanic/Latinx American Students (All Abroad)

Native American Students (All Abroad)

All Abroad Video Testimonials


Student with Disabilities

"The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments of 2008, section 4 , defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual. In addition to defining it, this legislation also ensures that people with disabilities can equally embark on their educational and professional endeavors. Whether you have a physical, learning, or emotional disability, the Study Abroad Office is very supportive of your desire to participate in an overseas program. Below are some factors for you to consider as you explore your options."

-Davidson College

Davidson College's Students with Disabilities page provides great information regarding choosing a program, disclosure and communication, and cultural differences and flexibility.

The following are additional organizations and websites that provide information and resources to students with disabilities looking at going abroad.