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Study Abroad Preparation

Meeting a crocodile
Meeting a Crocodile in Ghana, Africa

The following is a list of resources that will help you prepare for your upcoming study abroad experience.

  • What's Up With Culture?  Check out this on-line cultural training resource for study abroad.
  • Global Scholar Course - Take an on-line course before, during and after study abroad.
  • Students Abroad Web Site - a one stop reference guide for students going abroad.
  • USA Study Abroad - The goal of the U.S. Study Abroad website is to create a knowledge network connecting individuals and institutions with resources that will increase and diversify U.S. participation in study abroad.
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) - We recommend all students and their parents enroll in STEP in order to receive important updates from the US Department of State regarding safety in your host country.
  • World Newspapers - We recommended reading up on current events of your host country.
  • Driving while abroad - We recommend students think twice before renting a car in another country.  Driving rules and regulations can be quite different from the U.S.