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Jan Term Study Abroad Information

Each year, Linfield offers eight to 12 faculty-led off-campus courses to locations around the world and destinations within the U.S. The courses offer a deep dive into a breadth of interesting, international topics from coral reef ecology of Tahiti to healthcare in Peru. Approximately 12 students are chosen by the faculty leaders for each course.

January Term off-campus courses

BIOL 398  Diving into Coral Reef Ecology in The Bahamas

BIOL/POLS 298  The Forests and Politics of Middle Earth (New Zealand)

ECON 398  Economics of Association Football (Soccer) in England

EDUC/ARTS 398  Visual and Performing Arts for K-12 Teachers: Culture and Education in Ecuador

GLSP 398  Arts and Political Cultures in Modern Spain

NURS 398  Healthcare in Peru

NURS 398  The Impacts of Brexit on Healthcare in England, Scotland, and Ireland

PHIL/POLS 398  Philosophy of Happiness in Bhutan and India

THTR 398  Theatre and Oratory in Ancient Greece and Italy

Application process

Academic information

  • Jan Term off-campus courses bear the same rigorous standards and expectations as all other Linfield courses.
  • Each syllabus will outline course requirements, expectations, prerequisites and will specify which particular graduation requirements (such as Linfield Curriculum designation, major or minor credits) will be satisfied.
  • The courses are thematic and interdisciplinary in nature and are available to McMinnville and Portland students, regardless of their discipline or major, provided they meet the minimum requirements.
  • Each course is subject to revision if there are compelling factors not within Linfield’s control. 
  • Courses listed are always subject to approval via the university’s budget process.


While Linfield pays for the round trip airfare of the tuition-paying student’s first experience abroad; participants are responsible for:

  • A program fee* that covers most on-site logistical expenses and mandatory insurance.  Jan Term is billed the beginning of December.
  • The prevailing Linfield January Term per-credit fee
  • Passport, visa and luggage fees
  • Any required vaccinations  
  • Other costs not specifically covered in the program fee-participants will be informed of what additional funds will be needed.
  • All items associated with each course are subject to revision if there are compelling factors not within Linfield's discretion.  

*Costs NOT included in the January Term Program Fee.

**Students: Before you begin the application process, we recommend that you share course information and the associated costs with your parents.  See the link above for costs not included in the program fee.

Student resources for Jan Term

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