Inside Linfield - Office of Student Activities

Student events 

Any student club, organization, or group can plan and host a successful event on campus when planned appropriately and effectively. This page provides resources to students interested in planning events on campus. For Fraternity & Sorority event-planning, please visit the Fraternity & Sorority Life page. 

Planning an event 

Need help planning an event? Utilize the following planning process, and consider reaching out the Office of Student Activities for help. We are always happy to offer feedback and guidance! 

  1. All events on campus must be hosted by a student club/organization or a campus department/division. 
    1. If you are an individual hoping to plan an event, consider partnering with a Club/Organization to host your event. Work with the Office of Student Activities if you need help figuring out how to host your event. 
    2. If you are a club/organization and seek funding for your event, consider submitting a request to the ASLU Activities Council
  2. Check the Campus Events Calendar for campus availability. Choose a date for the event. 
  3. Submit event information to 25Live, Linfield's reservation and events software.
    1. Reference the Event Planning & 25Live Student-User Guide for detailed directions. 
  4. Submit event information to Engage, Linfield's activities and involvement platform. 
    1. Visit the Engage training page for more information. 
  5. All student events must be approved by the Office of Student Activities (in partnership with the Office of Conferences & Event Planning). The Office of Student Activities may reach out to you to discuss details of your event before it is approved. Otherwise, the Office of Conferences & Event Planning will confirm your event reservation via 25Live. 
  6. Determine your publicity plan and publicize your event. Consider consulting ASLU Publicity
  7. Have fun! 
  8. After your event, complete a Post-Event Evaluation Form to save to your club/organization transition notes. 

Annual events 

There are several annual events on campus that bring together the entire Linfield community. These events are often a partnership between a student club/organization, campus department, and various Linfield community members. Consider attending these events throughout the academic year! 

Hispanic Heritage Celebración 

Día de los Muertos 

Black History Month 

Women's History Month 

Pride Month

Hawai'i Club Lū‘au & Hō‘ike