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ASLU McMinnville

The Associated Students of Linfield University (ASLU; McMinnville) represents all full- and part-time fee-paying students on the McMinnville campus. ASLU-McMinnville's mission is to improve 24/7 student life at Linfield. 

Commonly referred to as "ASLU," the McMinnville campus student government represents all McMinnville campus students. The Portland campus also has a student government, named ASLU-PC (Portland Campus). In general both groups are referred to simply as ASLU by their representatives, though their suffixes are included when referred to in the same conversation. 

What we do 


  • Cabinet: executive board of the ASLU
  • Senate: legislative board of the ASLU


Support, advising and campus centers 

  • Clubs/Organizations: join a club or found a club - either way, ASLU can help you!
    • Need funding: Fill out the form, and come to activities council!


Contact us 

In-person at the ASLU Office, Riley Hall 216. 

Via email, 

Social media

Follow @aslu_mac on Instagram and Twitter

Follow @LinfieldWEB on Instagram and Facebook

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In general, we encourage students to reach out to their representatives on the ASLU Cabinet or Senate when they have questions. However, you are welcome to reach out to ASLU Advisors at any time. 

Keri Jones-Knight (she/her)
Director of Student Activities