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Clubs and Student Organizations at Linfield’s McMinnville Campus

The following information applies to clubs and student organizations on the McMinnville campus. Please visit the Portland campus Student Life website for information about student life on the Portland campus.

Club and Student Organization Recognition

All student clubs and organizations must be recognized by the University through one of two ways: 

  1. Sponsored, advised, and managed by a University department in partnership with student-leaders
    1. These are considered “Student Organizations,” and are approved by the Office of Student Activities 
  2. Sponsored by ASLU, advised by a faculty/staff, and managed by student leaders 
    1. These are considered “Clubs,” and are ratified by the ASLU Senate 

Whether a club/organization is recognized by option 1 or option 2, all student clubs/organizations must:

  • Have a faculty or staff advisor; 
  • Have at least one student point of contact (usually the president);
  • Maintain an Organization space on Engage
  • Re-register their club/organization every year on Engage; and
  • Maintain an accurate roster on Engage. 

Fulfilling these requirements will allow Clubs and Organizations to host events, reserve on-campus space and resources, and otherwise interact with the Linfield community smoothly. Questions about these requirements can be directed to:

How to become a registered Student Organization 

  1. Create an Organization on Engage
    1. You must have a Linfield faculty/staff advisor and at least one student point of contact in order to successfully fill out the Engage form
    2. If you get stuck, please see the Engage FAQ page for help or email for assistance

How to become an ASLU-Recognized Club 

  1. Become familiar with the ASLU Bylaws - particularly the section on Club Guidelines.  
  2. Name your club 
  3. Recruit membership 
    1. Identify at least two club officers
    2. Recruit at least four members 
  4. Identify a faculty/staff advisor 
  5. Fill out the ASLU Club Recognition Application (you will need this in next steps)
  6. Register a new organization on Engage
    1. Be sure to select “ASLU Club” in the form, which will trigger a step to upload the Club Recognition Application
  7. Expect an email from ASLU inviting you to attend an ASLU Senate meeting 
    1. Come prepared to present and discuss the information you filled out on the Club Recognition Application, and how your Club will enhance student life at Linfield
    2. After your presentation, the ASLU Senate will vote to ratify your Club or not to
      1. If ratified, expect an email from ASLU explaining next steps
      2. If not ratified, expect an email from ASLU explaining why and any next steps you need to take to become ratified in the future
  8. After ratification, your Club is immediately eligible to apply for funding through ASLU and has access to ASLU Club support and resources 
  9. After ratification, your Club will be approved in Engage 

ASLU-sponsored Club Requirements & Responsibilities 

These requirements and responsibilities are copied from the current ASLU Bylaws. 

  1. In order to be recognized as an ASLU club, an organization must be:
    1. Open to all ASLU members without further qualification. Recognized clubs may not charge dues as a condition of participation for members. If an organization has national dues it may not require students to belong to the national organization in order to be a member of the recognized club on campus.
    2. Compatible with the mission of Linfield University and ASLU.
    3. Have a faculty or staff advisor. 
  2. To maintain Club statusand funding, each club and organization must be active. Clubs must be deemed “active” if and only if they meet the following minimum requirements.  
    1. Hold a minimum of one meeting or event per month.
    2. Meetings must have an attendance of at least four members.
    3. Have two executive officers (often President and Vice President or two Co-Presidents)
  3. A funded group will have until the end of the first month of an academic term to become active. If ASLU has reason to believe that a group is not active (ex. has no club leadership), then they will send a note to the advisor asking for evidence that the above criteria are being met. If the club has not responded within one week of this notification, a notice will be sent to the club stating that the Club will become inactive. 
    1. Organizations which have become inactive must successfully complete the approval process to regain active status. 

Current ASLU-recognized Clubs and other Student Organizations