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What is student fundraising?

Students jumping in celebrationFundraising is the generation of revenue or donation of materials in order to support to a cause, charity or other organization.

Fundraising is powerful because it not only determines the capabilities of a club, organization or group but it can also raise awareness, help others, and bring people together.

Fundraising allows students at Linfield to set their Wildcat footprint in McMinnville. The building and maintenance of relationships in our on- and off-campus community allows students to diversity their resources, and optimize their ability to raise awareness, gain funds, or accumulate materials.

In 2020, individuals, corporations and foundations gave $450 billion to nonprofits in the United States. Linfield University is registered as a nonprofit and therefore, donations made to the university are tax-deductible as defined by the IRS.

fundraising activities on campusTo meet federal guidelines, a Linfield fundraiser must benefit a group of students (not just an individual).

While funds are available for registered clubs and departments, student groups often have other needs. These are fundraising opportunities, but they require time and energy invested by students.

Any fundraising where the funds received go to a different non-profit organization are not eligible to use the crowdfunding tool or advancement resources (see page 39 of the Linfield Student Policy Guide). Try to diversify your fundraising sources as it will make your campaign more successful and sustainable.

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding fundraising at Linfield University.

Lisa Goodwin
Director of Annual Giving
Office of University Advancement
Melrose 205