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student enjoying foodOn-campus fundraising

Student, club or organization ran activity or sale that takes place on campus and brings about revenue through donations or direct sale of commodities.


  • Bake sale

Off-campus fundraising

Student, club or organization ran activity that partners with an off-campus resource, to generate revenue or receive donations through advertisements or indirect sales of commodities.

fundraising activityExamples:

  • Restaurant fundraisers. Some local businesses are usually willing to give a percentage of sales or profits during an evening or a day at their restaurant. Students can encourage supporters to purchase food during the prearranged time and day. These work best if you can get a commitment higher than 10% of sales (not profits) and can generate lots of activity and purchases.

Online fundraising

Online fundraising is called crowdfunding or crowdsourcing and takes place through a website. The platform that Linfield uses is called GiveCampus. Review our how-to crowdfunding guide for further information.