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Off-Campus Housing Resources

Connect with other students

Join our Portland campus Roommate Search Facebook page! This is a private page to assist with connecting you to Linfield Portland campus students looking for others to live with, but like all pages, we encourage you to not post personal information outside of your initial request. 

Housing is limited near the School of Nursing. Students commute from all over the Portland metro area - and even as far south as Salem or beyond! To help support students searching for off-campus housing, please see the Off-Campus Housing Resource Guide which contains information for new renters, search tools, and student reviews of some popular area apartment complexes (note: this information is subject to change).

Students searching for off-campus housing may also be hoping to connect with other Linfield nursing student roommates. If that's you, email and let the Housing Office know.

Community members: Have a space you'd like to rent out to our students? Email

Housing Search Options

For reference, the campus housing address is 2900 NE 132nd Ave. Portland, OR 97230.

With all housing search engines, we encourage students to put their safety and security first. Be wise and aware in your search to find the space that meets your needs. 

Other Resources 

For reference, the campus housing address is 2900 NE 132nd Ave. Portland, OR 97230.

Public transportation

Students commute to Linfield’s campus from all over the Portland metro area (and beyond).

Although there are many on-campus parking spots and street parking spots around our campus (make sure to read the posted signs!), we encourage the whole Linfield community to utilize Public Transportation if they’re able. 

On our NE Campus, TriMet is the local public transportation that runs both the TriMet bus system and the MAX trains. See to plan your route, get directions, learn how to validate your ticket and ride, find bus and MAX schedules and sign up for service alerts. TriMet offers a Transit Tracker, where the next arrival at a given stop can be identified, if the Stop ID is known. Trimet also offers a mobile app that includes route information and the ability to pay fares using a mobile device.

Tri-Met provides bus service to Linfield's Portland campus at stops 4987 and 6716.

Community standards

Linfield is an active learning community. To maintain that community educational experience, the following standards and resources have been developed. Every member of the Linfield community is expected to be familiar with the standards, and help hold each other accountable to those standards.