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Clubs and Professional Organizations

Clubs and professional organizations are sponsored entities that serve to promote educational, professional, and social opportunities.  Browse the groups listed below, and consider contacting the Assistant Director of Student Life, Mackenzie Phelps ( to be added to their email list.

All clubs and organizations below are open to all students at the School of Nursing (TBSN, ABSN, MEPN). Occasionally, some groups become "inactive" if they don't have a student leader. If you find that a club you're interested in is inactive, we encourage you to step into a leadership role and re-activate it! Contact Mackenzie Phelps ( for more information on how to start or re-activate a club.

Professional Organizations

Clubs & Associations


Whether you are an expert country western dancer or you have little to no experience, we have a spot for you.  This club will be all about having a good time and bringing out the country in everyone!!!


The CCNC goal is to provide an introduction to critical care concepts, peer reviewed articles and research, exposure to professional associations, and guidance for future Acute Care/Critical Care career avenues.  We will accomplish these goals through unique guest speakers, involvement in the Greater Portland Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (GPC-AACN), journal meetings about critical care concepts, and exposure to various learning opportunities (podcasts, seminars, etc).  It is of the utmost importance that the CCNC further our members’ understanding of the critical care field and be a helpful tool in the journey into acute care nursing.


The Holistic Health Club aims to explore and identify alternative and integrative health methods and the collaboration of those methods with current western practice. Join us as we examine acupuncture, naturopathic care, midwifery, massage, yoga and more!

Holistic Healthcare is founded on the belief that each person is a whole in constant interaction with the environment. There is no separation between body, mind, or spirit. Holism emphasizes the relationships among all living things.

A holistic approach expands the patient encounter to include methods of enhancing the person’s resistance to the illness, including rest, fluids, nutritional counseling, reduction of aggravating behaviors, and stress management.

Our main goal as a club here at Linfield School of Nursing is to increase our overall knowledge base and have fun while doing it! We will invite guest speakers and offer clinics on campus and even organize a mini retreat sometime this spring! As a group we will discuss and decide what the main interests are of the club and pursue those methods at future meetings. 

Throughout the year we will examine approaches to leading a healthy lifestyle and the potential healing benefits of methods ranging from yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, naturopathic care, healing touch, midwifery, massage, and more!


The Public Health Association is a student organization at the Portland Campus that promotes health and wellness by raising awareness of the power and pervasiveness of public health through acts of service, networking, policy education, and campus events.


LSNA is the local Linfield University Chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). 

We support NSNA's Mission to:

  • Mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses and enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs;
  • Convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession, and prepare students to lead the profession in the future;
  • Advocate for high quality, evidence-based, affordable and accessible health care;
  • Advocate for and contribute to advances in nursing education and support the nurses’ role in shaping policy that protects patients.

We do this through holding educational events on campus, providing resume and portfolio development workshops, career networking activities, community service, legislative activities, sending students to State, Regional, and National NSNA Conferences, and anything else our members show interest in doing.


The Cultural Diversity Club (CDC) seeks to enrich the lives of all Linfield University School of Nursing and the Portland community by focusing on diversity inclusion, equity, scholarship, leadership, and service.

To promote cultural awareness at the Linfield University Portland Campus by hosting and promoting community events and making them accessible to students initiating social service within the broader Portland community.

To bring together all the semesters of nursing students and foster mentorship within the students through group participation in hosting events open discussion of student life and academics.

To connect students to campus resources such as the Student Life/Diversity and Inclusion, Learning Support Service, Counseling Services, etc.

To identify leaders within the Linfield and greater Portland community that can aid in the education and personal growth of Linfield nursing students by providing opportunities to attend educational community events sharing opportunities to participate in community events.


As a nascent organization, Nursemen is building on the purpose, goals, and objectives, and Linfield students can expect Nursemen to change as the club grows. Your vision, ideals, and enthusiasm are welcome and we invite you, the Linfield student, to join us is shaping this newest venture.

The original and remaining ideology of Nursemen is to erase the stigma of being a male nurse, to advance nursing as a field that welcomes all genders, and to advocate for the male population on the Portland campus.

 We promote and foster a bastion of masculinity within Linfield Nursing (really, just catalyze a community among the males of the population).

Our objectives are: to create a community within the male population of Linfield School of Nursing where one is able to safely communicate grievances, joys, and opinions through extracurricular endeavors such as athletics, outdoor sports, brewing sciences, and various other manly activities our members enjoy; to educate people on the male’s role in nursing, both historically, and contemporarily.



  1. To work toward a world where access to reproductive health care is comprehensive regardless of a person’s level of education, resources, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  2. To acknowledge that sexual and reproductive health is a key component of overall health.


  1. To provide present and future nurses with appropriate education and tools so they may better serve the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of all people.
  2. To enhance the comprehensive nature of reproductive health education within and beyond our curriculum by welcoming and creating opportunities for students to learn about complete reproductive health care services.
  3. To encourage ownership of individual nursing practice through a commitment to self-directed lifelong learning and promotion of access to quality reproductive health care.

What membership means:

  1. Be a receiving and/or contributing member of the Reproductive Health Mailing List (email), first established in January 2011.
  2. Benefit from opportunities to attend local conferences and workshops free or at reduced rates.
  3. Enjoy the option of attending 1 to 2 educational opportunities at Linfield each semester to supplement reproductive health components of the Linfield curriculum.

Let’s talk about sex. Reproductive health care is:

• STI prevention
• HIV & AIDs prevention
• taking sexual histories
• family planning
• perinatal care
• options counseling
• fertility treatments
• pre & post-abortion care
• sex ed teaching
• cancer screening & prevention
• so much more.

Let us know what you want to learn about.



NSWB is dedicated to promoting awareness of and involvement in global health.  The goals of NSWB are to:

  • increase the number of travel opportunities available to students
  • increase the number and quality of student interactions with other cultures
  • to promote political and policy literacy among students
  • to promote awareness of key global health concepts on large and small scales
  • to strengthen the bonds between and among students, departments, faculty and staff, the PDX and MAC campuses, other schools, the community, and organizations such as International Service Learning, Medical Teams International, the African American Health Coalition, World AIDS Day Portland, Mercy Corps, Etc.


The Oncology Club is a student organization at the Portland Campus that helps nursing students become better prepared for a possible future in oncology nursing by holding monthly events and participating in community events such as Relay for Life.


The Linfield Outdoor Club is all about just that—getting outside! No matter your skill or fitness level, if you enjoy running, hiking, climbing, cycling, water sports, eating outdoors or napping under a big tree, this is the club for you. Our goal is to enjoy the Big Outdoors of Portland and beyond, together, from sea to summit.


Mission Statement: Grace saves us all.
Purpose: We are here to gather together to look into the word and build relationships with each other, with God's influence.



Rx: Pride is Linfield Portland Campus' club for LGBT+ students and allies. All students are welcome regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or gender expression. Our goal is to reach out to members of the Linfield community and provide a safe space for self-expression and exploration. Rx: Pride advocates for anti-bullying and anti-discrimination in the Linfield community, as well as the greater Portland community. Among Rx: Pride's activities and interests are: support for AIDS research, providing a queer based discussion space, providing a social space for Linfield's LGBT+ community, supporting a healthy sense of sexuality, and encouraging learning of queer centered nursing practices. 


SPA is a student organization at the Portland Campus that serves students with families through support and fun, and family-friendly events such as the zoo, pumpkin patch, sporting events, and activity centers during school breaks.


The Veterans Club strives to serve as a community of people dedicated to the support and care of military veterans.  We hope to provide opportunities for veterans to network and share their experiences, while also educating health care providers about serving this community in need. We hope to provide a link between cohorts, and to enrich the Linfield Nursing community.  Both veterans and non-veterans are welcome.


Wildcatheters is a student organization at the Portland Campus for those interested in developing lasting friendships while reducing stress and enjoying athletic activities. We sponsor volleyball, soccer, basketball, and dodgeball teams...join the fun!


WildCubs Club invites students who are interested in pursuing a nursing career in pediatrics, labor and delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), (or anything baby/kid related)  to come together and further their learning about these areas and how to take the proper steps toward their dream career! The WildCubs take a unique interest in volunteering opportunities and in the organization of special events such as fundraising, awareness, education. etc. for various causes that fall under our shared career interests! Have ideas you'd like to see put into action? Join the WildCubs and be part of something special!


PACK stands for the Pinky Swear Ambassadors on campus for kids with cancer. Our club will work closely with the foundation, the Pinky Swear Project, to provide support and assistance to children and families of children battling cancer.