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ASLUPC Officers

Diego Sabio Paese


My name is Diego Sabio Paese, and I will be your President for the 2022-2023 academic year. I will be starting my third semester of the Linfield University Nursing Program and am excited for this role. This past spring, I was a part of the Peer Resource Network (PRN). I am originally from Menlo Park, California and love living in Portland. I love exploring my surroundings as well as the outdoors, and Portland has plenty of it! I am working towards becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner where I will have a wider scope of practice, and work with the pediatric population.

Dani Carillo

Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Dani Carillo and I am the Vice President of ASLU-PC this school year. I am a third semester student from Sherwood, Oregon. After nursing school, I hope to work either in pediatrics or labor and delivery. I am very excited for all the fun that will happen this upcoming school year!

Evelyn Hoppe


Hello!!! My name is Evelyn Hoppe, but I usually go by Evie. I am a third semester student and I am interested in going into pediatrics or L&D, but for now I am just going where the wind takes me! Some fun facts about me: I am the middle child in my family, I have two giant breed dogs, and growing up I was a competitive Irish dancer. I am excited to serve as the ASLU-PC secretary this term!

Beatriz Rendon Bautista

Committee Director

Hello! My name is Beatriz I am excited to be serving as an ASLU-PC officer this year! I am a third semester student and there are a few areas of nursing that interest me, so I am keeping my options open to see where I end up once I’m done with school. In my free time I enjoy crafting, catching up with friends, watching movies, eating, taking naps and hanging out with my fur babies, Max & Venus.

Olivia Kinunen

Club Director

Hi! I'm Olivia (she/her) and I am super excited to be your club director for the 2022-23 school year! In my free time I love trying new restaurants and food carts in Portland, doing any outdoor activity, cooking and hanging out with my friends and family! I also love to travel every chance I get, so I think some travel nursing may be in my future! I thrive in environments where I can share experiences with other people which is why I am looking forward to supporting our clubs on campus. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about starting or joining any clubs on campus! S'co cats!!

Lauren Zelen

Vice President of Programming Board

Hi! My name is Lauren Zelen and I am the Vice President of Programming. I am a third semester student hoping to specialize in labor and delivery or pediatric nursing. In my free time I love being with friends and family and my cats, photography, and traveling!

Luz Medina CasteƱeda

Programming Chair (Cultural Programs)

Hi, my name is Luz (“LOOse”) and I am a third semester latina first generation student. I am excited to serve as the cultural chair and bring awareness to the Portland campus. My interest in nursing is labor and delivery, pediatrics and possibly NICU. During my free time I like to spend time with family and friends. Some of my favorite hobbies are hiking, running, watching sunsets and going to the beach. A fun fact about me is that I was born in Mexico, raised in California, currently live in Portland, Oregon and on school breaks I go back home to Lynden, WA with my parents and little brother. If you have any suggestions, concerns or any other questions feel free to send me an email!

John Christian

Programming Chair (Sports Programs)

Hi, I’m John Christian. I am from Seattle WA and am currently a 3rd semester student. I am looking forward to being the Sports Chair for this coming year! I am a member of the the Linfield XC and Track teams and in my free time I like to knit and forage for mushrooms.

Elaine Black

Programming Chair (Wellness Programs)

Hey everyone! My name is Elaine and I am the new Wellness Chair! I am a 4th semester TBSN student from Beaverton, OR. After I graduate I plan to work as a NICU nurse. Outside of school I love reading, crocheting and trying out new coffee shops around Portland! I’m excited to bring some fun wellness and self care events to campus this term!

Daniella Wongsomadi

Programming Chair (Snack Shack)

Hi everyone, my name is Daniella, or everyone calls me Dani! I am PDX’s snack shack coordinator, and I am going to be a third semester this fall. My goals for this semester is to keep Linfield nursing students stocked with snacks so that they are able to have yummy things to munch on for study breaks. A fun fact about me is that I love to lift weights!

Ella Hillberry

Programming Chair (Sustainability Programming)

Hi my name is Ella Hillberry and I am super excited to serve as the Sustainability Programming Chair of ASLU-PC for the 2022-2023 school year! I am from Ketchikan Alaska where I spend my school breaks working as a CNA & kayak/zipline tour guide. I love being out on the water at home and out in the woods anywhere I am. After graduation I would love to enter into an ED specialty nurse residency program. I served as president of the Linfield Environmental Club during my sophomore year at the McMinnville campus and am excited to help bring more sustainable practices to the Portland campus over the next year!

Bri Rico

Director of Communications

Hey! I’m Brianna Rico, or Bri and I am your Director of Communications! I am from Honolulu, HI and I am currently a 3rd semester student. This is my first year being involved with ALSU, so I am very excited to see how this school year unfolds! I’m currently interested in becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse or a Cardiac nurse. A fun fact about me is that I am bilingual- English and Hawaiian Pidgin, and I’m trying to relearn Japanese.

Casey Starr

May 2023 Cohort Senator

Hi! I’m Casey Starr, the 3rd semester senator! I love dogs and have 3 of my own. I’m super excited to get this year started and finish up my nursing school journey. My goals for this semester are to keep my mental health in check and make self care a priority.

Jasmin Gomez

Accelerated May 2023 Cohort Senator

Hey everyone! I’m Jasmin Gomez and I’m the ABSN class senator. I previously went to school at Oregon State and double majored in Public Health and Child Development. I’m excited to see what this intense and fast paced year has in store for my cohort!
Rachel Gurevich

December 2023 Cohort Senator

Hi I’m Rachel! I’m from Woodinville, Washington. I love to cook, go camping and paint from time to time. I used to be a CNA in Washington. I have a dog named Bobby who I love to take on walks/runs with me. I’m excited to work with real people again and am interested in O.R. Nursing!

Bella Miranda-Goeller

May 2024 Cohort Senator

Hello everyone, I'm Bella! I am super excited to be the May 2024 cohort senator. I aim to support my cohort as well as the school as a whole and could not be more honored to have this position. I was born and raised mostly in Portland, OR alongside my two younger brothers. I have a cat named Milo and work as a caregiver outside of school. I am hoping to become a travel nurse with a specialty in neurology and maybe trauma. Please reach out of there is anything I can support you with!
Lexy Rand

MEPN Cohort Senator

My name is Lexy Rand and I am so excited to serve as the first ever MEPN cohort senator! I am a Linfield alumni and graduated with my bachelors of science in psychology with an emphasis in biopsychology. I am super excited to be apart of this inaugural MEPN cohort and I can’t wait to represent & support my peers! I have a French Bulldog named Crew and like to spend my free time taking him on walks and getting pup cups. After I graduate, I would love to work in the Neuro ICU.
Carson Overstreet

December 2024 Cohort Senator

Greetings all, my name is Carson Overstreet! I am super excited to be the December 2024 Cohort Senator. I am looking forward to working alongside other ASLU-PC Officers and representing the December 2024 Cohort. I grew up in Dallas, OR, and I actively work as a CNA in the hospital setting. In my free time I love to be physically active! I am very excited to begin the journey of nursing school with my Cohort!