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Tuition Insurance Protection Plan

Linfield University is pleased to announce we’ve partnered with GradGuard to offer the Tuition Protection Plan from Allianz Global Assistance.  We believe it’s important our students and families have access to affordable protection for their major investment in higher education. Protect your education—and future—today at GradGuard.

Enrollment in coverage can be purchased by selecting it when setting up a payment plan on your Student Account Portal through Nelnet or you can purchase directly by visiting GradGuard.

This plan offers families an easy, affordable way to protect the investment they have made, and to help ensure if something unforeseen happens they can still fulfill the dream of a lifetime.  Signing up for tuition insurance coverage significantly extends and enhances the University's published refund policy to help alleviate any unexpected costs associated with an emergency resulting in a students need to leave in a middle of a semester.  This plan is recommended by the University for families with concerns about medical or mental health issues that may result in a student taking a medical leave during a semester.

For more information about the Tuition Insurance Protection Plan please visit GradGuard or contact their customer service line directly at 866-724-4384.

In order to add tuition protection insurance the user must either:

Coverage Amounts and Costs of Coverage:

  • $10,000 = $89.00 / Semester
  • $15,000 = $133.50 / Semester
  • $20,000 = $178.00 / Semester
  • $30,000 = $297.00 / Semester

› Recommended Term Coverage: $15,000
› Fall Open 6/10/2019