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Student Account Refunds - Credit Balances

Student Account Refunds - Credit Balances

Financial aid applied to a student account that exceeds the amount a student has been charged results in a credit balance that may be refunded to the student.  Financial aid will be applied to student accounts beginning the first week of each semester. Linfield University begins refunding credit balances the second week of each semester.  Refunds are processed on a weekly basis by the Student Accounts Office automatically for McMinnville & Portland campus students starting the second week of each semester, respectively. Online & Continuing Education student refunds cannot be processed until after meaningful interaction in the class has been verified; typically, 4 weeks into the semester.

A credit balance on a student's account that is the result of "Estimated Financial Aid" being deducted from the charges on the account, is not a true credit balance until the financial aid is disbursed.  Thus, it is NOT available to the student until all financial aid for the quarter has been posted to the student's account. 

Refund Methods

Students must select a "refund preference" on their Nelnet Student Account Portal to receive student account refunds.

Nelnet Student Account Portal has two refunding choices:
  • Direct Deposit (this is the fastest way to receive your funds)
    • Can be deposited to a checking/savings account or a debit card of your choice.
  • Paper Check (defaulted method if a preference is not chosen)
    • Can take up to 14 Business days to receive.
    • Paper checks are mailed to those students' home mailing address of record with Linfield University.
Setting Up Direct Deposit as your Refund Preference

To set up direct deposit, go to your Nelnet Student Account Portal and select the "Refunds" option and set your “Refund Preference” to Direct Deposit. 

Direct deposit authorization allows the credit balance on a student's account, after all charges have been paid, to be sent directly to the student's bank account.  For students who anticipate credit balance refunds after all charges on their student account have been covered, direct deposit is the quickest way to receive those funds. 


Nelnet Authorized Party Parent Portal

* Parent Plus Loan Refunds *

Linfield University processes all Parent Plus Loan refunds directly to the borrower in the form of a check payment to their mailing address on file.  Federal regulations require that credit balances resulting from a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan be refunded to the borrower unless authorization is on file allowing the funds to be released to the student. An authorization must be on file for each Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan borrowed. Parents will have the option to set up direct deposit in their own Authorized Party Nelnet account once they have a Parent refund issued for the first time. An email notification will be sent to the Authorized Parent informing them they have 24 hours to change their Parent Plus Refund method to a direct deposit. Once this is set up all future parent refunds would go to that refund preference unless you change it.   

Refunds will automatically be processed if:

  • There is a credit balance for the current term.  This occurs when payments and/or financial aid disbursed (not pending or estimated aid) exceed charges
  • There are no other balances due to the University
  • The student is a financial aid recipient and is registered for at least as many credit hours as are shown on the financial aid award letter

Refunds will NOT automatically be processed if:

  • The student withdrew or took a leave of absence.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for these to be processed after all adjustments to room, board and Title IV funds.
  • The student is not currently enrolled.
  • The term with the pending credit has not yet begun 

If you believe a refund on your account should have generated but it has not, please contact Student Accounts Office at for resolution.

FAQ'S– Student Refunds-Credit Balances

Why choose Direct Deposit for a refund or for payments from your school?

You can use your existing relationship with a bank simply by providing your account information quickly and conveniently online. Direct Deposit provides you with access to funds via your existing checking or savings account in 2-3 business days. Not selecting a refund preference will automatically default your refund to be sent in the form of a paper check to your home address on file. This can take up to 10-14 business days depending on where your home is located in the US. Please note: International Student refunds who have not selected a preference will receive a check in their University Unit Box on campus. Help us continue to becoming a green campus by selecting your refund preference as direct deposit.

How are funds transferred to an account via Direct Deposit?

When funds are released by the school, they will then be processed for transfer from the school to the account number of the registered student. Access to these funds generally takes 2-3 business days. Access may vary depending on your bank's processes. Please check with your bank for more information.