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Notification letters

A notification letter is the official communication to faculty that outlines the appropriate LSS approved accommodations that have been established for an individual student. Students are responsible for initiating a letter each semester for each class in which they intend to use accommodations. Professors are responsible for making necessary academic adjustments to ensure the accommodations listed on the letter can be implemented for a given class.  Any "denial of accommodation" or concerns about accommodation implementation must be specifically discussed with LSS. 

Professors should only implement accommodations for classes in which they have a received a notification letter. Students who are not currently approved for accommodations that intend to access services should be referred to LSS. The Accessing Accommodations page can be a helpful resource for students. 

Letter format 

Notification letters will be sent via email from LSS when requested by the eligible student. A sample Letter is available for review. The sample letter includes a few of the more commonly utilized accommodations but is not a comprehensive list of potential accommodations

Student communication

Students are expected to communicate with their instructors regarding their usage of accommodations in a timely fashion to ensure all logistical details are in place. However, lack of timely communication is not a reason alone to deny an accommodation request. There are also many student situations including new or episodic disability experiences that may result in students requesting accommodations at a later point in the semester.

Professors can use the discussion of the notification letter as an opportunity to collaborate with the student to ensure all accommodations needs are being met. A student's registration status with LSS, usage of accommodations, or disability information that they choose to disclose should be treated as strictly confidential.  Many students may choose not to disclose information about their disability.

Testing Contracts

Professors will be asked to complete a testing contract that includes information about exam delivery and return methods, materials allowed and other testing procedures. The testing contract ensures students with disabilities follow the same guidelines established in the classroom when taking exams with LSS.

Faculty will receive to a link to class specific contract in a student’s accommodation notification letter and only needs to be filled out once per class. A paper version is available upon request, but it is recommended to use the digital link that will be emailed to you.

Testing contracts only need to be filled out for classes in which LSS will proctor exams.

Please do not hesitate to contact LSS if you have any questions related to accommodations, or best practices related to accessibility and inclusion for students with disabilities.  

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