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Accessing accommodations

Students who experience disability-related barriers and intend to utilize accommodations are encouraged to connect with LSS as soon as possible. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 503-883-2562 or emailing The LSS Online Application can be completed prior to a student's first meeting. The timeliness of your request will allow LSS to promptly arrange the details of your support. 

Accommodations and academic adjustments will be determined based review of student's documentation, history of accommodation, and the student's self-report. Reviewing documentation guidelines will be helpful in getting an understanding of the type of information that will be requested by LSS. 

Students without current documentation 

LSS will review documentation as part of the interactive process. However, students are encouraged to meet with LSS to discuss their educational experience even if they do not have current documentation. In some cases, provisional accommodations (up to one semester) can be implemented based on a student's self-report or other sources of information about a student's experience. In most cases, provisional accommodations are approved to give the student time to gather the appropriate documentation.   

Housing, dining (meal plan), emotional support animal and physical access requests

Please contact LSS directly for any non-academic accommodation request prior to submitting an online application. Depending on the request, there may be specific documentation or forms that are not available through the online application. All forms are intended to create an efficient accommodation process and to prevent the need of completing multiple follow-up visits to medical providers.   

Student responsibilities  

Students are responsible for contacting Learning Support Services to initiate the accommodation process. Formal academic accommodations can only be determined and implemented by LSS. Students are encouraged to review Policy Statement and Guidelines for an in-depth review of LSS process and procedures. 

Learning Support Services
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