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Disability documentation guidelines

LSS will request existing documentation for students registering with LSS and seeking accommodations. Students seeking tutoring or academic coaching will not be requested to provide documentation of any kind.

Appropriate documentation must accurately reflect current disability-related experience. Discretion will be used in accepting older documentation for disability experiences that are permanent or non-varying. LSS encourages current and prospective students to meet with LSS to discuss the role of documentation in the accommodation request process. LSS will also review a student’s history of use of accommodation, self-report, and all available third party documentation such as a 504 or IEP when making determinations for accommodations.

Some disability experiences that where impacts may change over time may require more current documentation or more frequent updates.

Third party documentation must be prepared by a qualified professional. A qualified professional includes, but is not limited to the following: Medical Doctors, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Specialist, Educational Psychologists, or Neurophysiologists.  Documentation should include both diagnostic information and an explanation of the current manifestation or functional limitations of the condition to be considered complete. Updated documentation may be submitted at any time but accommodation eligibility requires an additional review by the appropriate LSS staff member.

NOTE: An IEP or a 504 Plan may or may not contain the complete information necessary for accommodation eligibility (varies significantly based on format of 504 disability experience and nature of request).

Due to the technical standards associated with the School of Nursing, additional documentation may be required to establish eligibility for accommodations for School of Nursing administered courses. Accommodations related to Dining or Housing have specific documentation requirements depending on the nature of the request.

Students should review Policy Statement and Guidelines for a complete review of LSS policies and procedures.

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