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Referral information 

Faculty and staff play an essential role in referring students to appropriate support. This page gives a brief overview of LSS resources and also scenarios in which referrals are appropriate. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to determining if LSS is the best fit for a student.

Overview of LSS resources 

LSS is the office on campus that formally supports students with disabilities and determines academic accommodations. Students who experience disability related barriers and intend to utilize accommodations are encouraged to connect with LSS as soon as possible.

Individual Appointments and Academic Coaching
Students can meet one-on-one with Learning Support Services staff throughout the semester. These meetings can serve as a way for students to stay grounded while away at college, work on study strategies, time management, or other academic needs that a student may have. Students do not need to be struggling academically to use these resources.


Tutoring is available to students to help apply a deeper understanding of class material, practice new knowledge, and provide an opportunity to work closely with a course content expert. Tutoring is arranged on an as needed basis and is available to students for two hours per week per class at no charge.

Referral scenarios and FAQ.

Any disclosure of disability-related barriers impacting academic progress or barriers related to inclusion to the college community.

A disability in an academic context can be any condition or experience that results in creating unintended barriers for a student. Common experiences include ADHD, learning disabilities (differences), mental health diagnoses (Anxiety, Depression, etc.), medical conditions, autism, and many others. It is appropriate to refer students to LSS to see what academic supports are available if a disability experience is disclosed. A referral to LSS should not replace a referral to Student Health, Wellness & Counseling or for filling out a necessary Care Referral.

Who can use LSS resources?
Any student can receive tutoring or academic coaching through LSS. However, additional support such as being approved to utilize academic accommodations are only available to those with qualifying conditions. What are accommodations? Accommodations are academic adjustments that are specific to each student that are designed to address a barrier that is experienced. Testing accommodations (more time, different location), notetaking, and audio books are the most commonly utilized supports. However, there are countless accommodations that can be individualized based on a student’s experience. LSS can also be consulted for housing accommodations related to a disability (single room, 1st floor, etc.).

A student says they had a 504 or IEP plan.
These plans are specific to K-12 but LSS can set up similar support at Linfield. Students can work with LSS if they did not have this type of support previously.

A student says they cannot attend full-time for medical reasons.
There may be options available to assist that LSS can help coordinate.

A student says they do not want to be pressured into utilizing accommodations or disclosing information about their experience to professors.
Unlike high school, students can choose to let professors know about eligibility for accommodations or not. Professors are not given any confidential information about a student’s diagnosis. Any messaging around the student-centered nature of LSS can help reduced the stigma of students registering with LSS.

What tutoring resources are available for students with disabilities?
Linfield gives all students the opportunity to utilize individual tutoring at no additional cost. Every student is eligible to receive 2 hours of tutoring per week, per class. Many academic departments offer their own tutoring resources in addition to the individual tutoring coordinated with LSS.

I think a student may have an undiagnosed or undisclosed disability.
Since LSS works with all students, you can refer them for general academic support and you do not need to refer to a disability unless the student brings it up. LSS staff will assess and provide appropriate support. Linfield may provides referral resources for students to get evaluated for learning disabilities if appropriate.

Appointments can be made in-person, by phone, or by email.

Learning Support Services
Melrose Hall 020