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Pre-Professional Programs

Many Linfield students are interested in pursuing specialized careers and study at other institutions. Linfield University has developed a number of pre-professional programs to assist students in reaching their goals for life after Linfield while ensuring they develop strong backgrounds in the broad spectrum of liberal arts. 

Linfield’s pre-professional programs help students meet entrance requirements, including pre-requisite courses and exams, for professional schools. Students are urged to consult with their faculty advisors as soon as possible after deciding to seek specific professional training.


Learn More about Linfield's Pre-Professional Programs


Many Linfield students pursue careers and professional schooling in health fields upon graduating from Linfield. Learn more about how your academic planning at Linfield can incorporate your health field educational and professional goals.


There is no one major or pathway that leads to law school. However, students can explore a variety of courses and resources to prepare them for law school. Students interested in pursuing law after Linfield must learn to excel in rigorous academics and reach out to pre-law advising resources.


Nursing is one of Linfield's most popular majors. Students studying Pre-Nursing at the McMinnville campus should declare early and meet with their advisor to discuss pre-requisites. Academic Advising offers advising support specific to Pre-Nursing students which includes academic planning and workshops.