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Services for faculty

Class visits

We would be happy to send someone from the Writing Center to visit your class and give a short presentation on how we can help your students become better writers.

Required consultations

You are encouraged to build Writing Center consultations into your writing assignments, either as requirements or as options for extra credit.

It is a good idea to have students make an appointment with the Writing Center and also identify a few key areas or questions to bring to a consultation. For more information, please see our syllabus statement below, or speak with the Director of Writing.

If you want to integrate the Writing Center into your curriculum, please feel free to attach this sample statement to your syllabus:

When working on writing assignments for this class, I encourage you to take advantage of the Linfield Writing Center. The Writing Center is a drop-in service that provides help with all parts of the writing process—brainstorming, drafting, revising, refining. The Writing Center can help you with your thesis, organization, logic and reasoning, evidence, documentation, grammar and usage and more. The Writing Center is located in Nicholson Library. There is more information available on their website:

Writing contracts

After speaking with the director, you can draft a “Writing Contract” between you, a student writer, and a Writing Center consultant. The student would then have a standing weekly appointment with that consultant, who in turn will help the writer improve his or her writing over the course of the semester.