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Welcome to the Linfield Writing Center

Our mission here at Linfield’s Writing Center is to make not only better papers but better writers.

During your visit to the Writing Center, you can discuss your projects with a trained student consultant in a collaborative effort to improve your critical thinking and writing skills.

We can help in all stages of the writing process.

Make as many visits for each paper as you need! Discussions are tailored to your particular needs and can focus on:

  • Brainstorming
  • Organization
  • Crafting a strong thesis
  • Clarifying language
  • Polishing a final draft

While most Linfield students visit the Writing Center seeking help on papers for classes, we are happy to provide help with applications, cover letters or creative prose.

It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes look at your paper, either!

We look forward to working with each and every writer who comes through our doors. In the end, however, your paper is your responsibility. We will help, but your success depends on your commitment to working on your writing.

McMinnville campus Writing Center hours

The Writing Center is located in Nicholson Library.

Hours are: Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Portland campus writing support

To access writing resources or to schedule an appointment, contact Kara Frank, associate director of the writing program for nursing directly at:

Join the Writing Fellow's Blackboard organization! Here's how:

  • Type “Writing Fellows” into the Organization Search tool on the main Blackboard page. Hit "Go."
  • Next to the Organization ID, there is an action drop-down menu where you may select “enroll.”
  • You will then be added to the “course."
  • The organization link will display on your main Blackboard page from now on.
  • From the Writing Fellow's home page, click on the blue bar to the left; this will display several links.
    • The "content" link will take you to a page with writing resources, including the PowerPoint presentations from the APA workshop and the second and fourth-semester writing assignment lectures.
    • "Schedule an appointment" allows you to sign up for a session with Kara Frank.