Inside Linfield - Writing Center

Linfield Writing Center

Our mission here at Linfield’s Writing Center is to make not only better papers, but better writers.

During a visit to the Writing Center, writers discuss their projects with trained student consultants in a collaborative effort to improve critical thinking and writing skills.

We can help in all stages of the writing process, and encourage students to make multiple visits for each paper in order to fully take advantage of the information and assistance we offer. Discussions are tailored to each student's particular needs, and can focus on brainstorming, organization, crafting a strong thesis, clarifying language, or polishing a final draft. While most students come to the Writing Center seeking help on papers for classes, we are happy to provide help with applications, cover letters, or creative prose.

It always helps to get a second pair of eyes to look at your paper, and we are dedicated to helping students become better writers through learning to critically examine their own work.

For students: Discussion can focus on the following items (amongst others):

  • Understanding the assignment itself
  • Brainstorming, free writing, or other ways to begin work
  • Creating a strong thesis
  • Revising a rough draft
  • Polishing a final draft

We look forward to working with each and every writer who comes through our doors. In the end, however, your paper is your responsibility. We will help, but your success depends on your commitment to working on your writing.

Writing Center Hours

The Writing Center is open Sunday through Thursday, 10am-10pm

Location: Nicholson Library

Speaking Center Fall 2020

Do you have an individual or group presentation coming up for one of your classes?  Are you nervous about speaking in front of others?  If so, you are not alone. The Linfield Speaking Center is here to help!

Trained consultants  are available to assist you with all stages of the speech preparation process— from developing your thesis to organization to delivery skills. Let us help you become a more confident speaker and ace your presentation.

Make an appointment here: