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Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities 

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR) commits itself to provide a fair and impartial process for alleged violations of university policies. The SRR aims to cultivate a safe environment where students can learn and grow from their decisions and experiences with the goal of fostering ethical development, civic leadership, mutual respect and repairing harm when it has occurred.

Students, like all members of the university – trustees, faculty, administration and staff members – assume the responsibility to conduct themselves in compliance with the objectives and standards of conduct established by the university while both on and off campus. Students are expected to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in harmony with the educational goals of the institution; to respect the rights, privileges and property of others; and to observe national, state and local laws and university policies.

Linfield University Student Policy Guide 

Any individual can submit a report to the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities by emailing Jason Brazel. For matters of Sexual Misconduct, individuals can email reports to the Title IX Coordinator.

SRR office goals:

  • Create a campus climate of community wellbeing, support and respect
  • Protect the university community from disruption and harm
  • Pursue restoration when harm occurs
  • Provide education of and advocacy for students' rights
  • Educate on appropriate standards of individual and group behaviors
  • Foster ethical standards and civic virtues on campus

Students may interact with the SRR office when they:

  • Have been documented as connected to a situation where a university policy violation(s) may have occurred
  • Are seeking to understand or get assistance with the university’s hearing process
  • Wish to report a potential policy violation on campus
  • Are looking for information or support regarding their rights as a student on campus
  • Are a part of, or wish to be a part of, the Peer Hearing Board

SRR staff 

Jason Brazel 

Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities

Email Jason Brazel | Office: Melrose Hall 110 | Phone: 503-883-2349