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Peer Hearing Board

The Peer Hearing Board is a carefully selected and trained group of student leaders who serve as adjudicators for Linfield University's Peer Hearing Board Process. The PHB is student-led and members work together to discuss and determine responsibility and recommend appropriate outcomes of cases. 

The Purpose of the Board:

  • create a campus climate of community wellbeing, support, and respect.
  • protect the University community from disruption and harm.
  • pursue restoration when harm occurs.
  • educate on appropriate standards of individual and group behaviors

The Goals of the Board:

  • Put key decisions into the hands of those most affected by violations (i.e. the community)
  • Make taking responsibility more healing and, ideally, more transformative (i.e. educational, community engagement)
  • Educate to reduce the likelihood of future violations
  • At the end of the process, students involved asked to take a survey to assess the conduct process

When a possible policy violation occurs, a student may be summoned to appear before the Peer Hearing Board to have their case adjudicated. If you have been summoned to appear before the board, please take a moment to review the Student Policy Guide which details the hearing process and your rights.

2023-2024 PHB Members

Chairperson Kaiana Duxbury
Members Shuaib Amanzad
Kelsey Reinemer
Seriah Rodgers

If you are interested in applying to be a student leader on the Peer Hearing Board, please email the Coordinator of Student Rights & Responsibilities, Jason Brazel.