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Report an Incident

If this is an emergency or you feel your safety is at risk, call 911.

Incident Report Form

Note: As of July 1st, incident reports look a bit different! When you click the incident report link and login, you will see the screen below. To submit an incident report, click "Refer a Friend."

image of care report screen for example

Any member of the Linfield community may report an incident through the Incident Report Form. These reports are confidential and are processed and addressed by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or when appropriate are forwarded to the Office of Human Resources or the relevant academic dean.

For Faculty and Staff

Please use this short guide to submit an incident report. 

  1. Using the search bar at the top of the window (circled in red below), search the student’s name you wish to submit a report for.
  2. When the correct student appears and has been selected, select the student update button under the student’s picture in the snapshot section.
  3. A new window will open. In this window please select the appropriate report type for the incident in question.
    1. For any incident that violates Linfield University policy, please use the “General Incident Report.”
    2. For any incident that is related to sexual misconduct, please use the “Sexual Misconduct Incident Report.”

incident reporting step 1

incident reporting step 2

incident reporting step 3

Please use the link below to submit and anonymous bias incident report. 

Anonymous Bias Form


Reports can also be made by contacting the following support services on campus:

If you have experienced harm related to an incident, we encourage you to access some of our supportive services offered on campus:

Student Care Referral: Any member of the Linfield community may report concerns for the care of a student. Student Care Referrals will be reviewed by the director of student care and support and will treated with as much confidentiality as possible.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options: You have options. Please access our Sexual Misconduct and Reporting Options page to review resources, options to report and more information about the process.