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Fact Book

Members of the Linfield community (faculty, staff, students) may log in to the pages of the Fact Book using their CatNet ID. The most current information included on the page is noted in parentheses to the right of the title. Please alert the Office of Institutional Research to any errors or typos. Updates and corrections that may substantially affect interpretation will be posted on the pages below as needed.

If you share links to the Fact Book with other members of the Linfield community, the best practice is to link to the Fact Book website and cite the item number. Direct links to the underlying SharePoint documents may not open.

As of February 14, 2023, some pages have been updated with fall semester 2022 information, but the Fact Book is still in progress. The Fact Book will be updated gradually through spring. This timeline is a change from past practice, but is necessary to allow Institutional Research to accommodate other projects. If there is a specific item that you need to see udpated, please contact the Office of Institutional Research.


1. 2021-22 Fast Facts (Frequently Asked Questions)

2. Organizational Charts (as of February 4, 2022)

President's Office, Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, Student Affairs and Admission, University Advancement

3. Preface (includes list of pages with substantial changes in format or content)


4. Admission, McMinnville Campus (current to fall of 2021)

5. About the Incoming class, First-time, First Year (current to fall of 2021)

6. About the Incoming class, Transfers, McMinnville Campus (current to fall of 2021) 

7. Admission, Portland Campus (current to calendar year 2021)

8. Admission, Online and Continuing Education (current to calendar year 2021)

Enrollment & Retention

9. Retention Rates & Graduation Rates, First Years (current to fall of 2022)

10. Retention Rates & Graduation Rates, Transfers, McMinnville Campus (current to fall 2022)

11. Retention Rates & Graduation Rates, Transfers, School of Nursing on-campus undergraduate programs (current to fall 2021)

12. Retention & Graduation Rates, Transfers, School of Nursing RN to BSN program (current to fall 2021)

13. Retention & Graduation Rates, Online and Continuing Education (current to fall 2021)

14. Fall semester enrollment history (Fall 1997 to Fall 2021)

15. Fall semester undergraduate enrollment by goal; full-time or part-time status; and gender (current to fall of 2022)

16. Enrolled Student Headcount, Full Year Student, by Term or Semester (current to January 2023) 

17. Enrolled Student Credits/FTE, Full Year Student, Academic Year and Annual, by Term and Year (current to January 2023) 

 Financial Aid

18. Financial Aid, McMinnville Campus (current 20-21)

19. Financial Aid, Portland Campus (current 20-21)

20. Financial Aid, Online and Continuing Education (current to 20-21)

Student Body

21. Student Body Overview, McMinnville Campus (current to fall 2021)

22. Student Body Overview, Portland Campus (current to fall 2021)

23. Student Body Overview, Online and Continuing Education (current to fall 2021)

24. Student Gender and Race/Ethnicity (current to 21-22)

25. Student Age Distribution (current to 21-22)

26. Students by Place of Home Residence (current to 21-22)

27. Oregon Student Enrollment by County (current 21-22)

28. Student-Athletes, McMinnville Campus (current to 20-21)

29. Students in College-Managed Housing (current to 21-22)

Faculty and Staff

30. Faculty & Staff Headcount, FTE (current to fall of 2021)

31. Faculty & Staff Race/Ethnicity (current to fall of 2021)

32. Faculty by Rank & Gender (current to fall of 2021)

33. Faculty by Rank & Tenure (current to fall of 2021)

34. Faculty FTE by Department (current to fall of 2021)

35. Faculty & Salaried Personnel Staffing (current to 20-21)

36. Faculty Highest Degree Earned (current to fall of 2021)

37. Faculty Salary Schedule (current to 2021-22)

Academic Program

38. Programs, Majors, Minors & Certificates Declared by Current Undergraduate and Graduate Students (current to fall 22-23)

39. Participation in International Programs (current to fall 2021)

40. Fall Enrollment by Student Type (current to fall 2021)

41. Faculty Load Units and Student Credits (current to 20-21)

42. Operating Budget Per Student Credit by Academic Department (current to 20-21)

43. Class Size by Location (current to fall of 2021)

44. Class Size by School and Department (current to fall of 2021)


45. Majors, Minors & Certificates Earned by Students Completing Linfield Credentials (current to 21-22)

46. Gender and Race/Ethnicity of Students Completing Degrees (current to 2020-21)

47. Debt Acquired by Graduates while at Linfield (current to 2020-21)

48. Where Alumni Live (Maps) (updated in even years; current to fall of 2020-2021) 


49. Revenues and Expenses (Operating Budget) (current to 20-21)

50. Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board of Private Schools in the Region (current to 21-22)

51. Donations by Source and Purpose (current to 20-21)

52. Endowment History (current to 20-21)

Grounds & Facilities

53. Linfield Owned Facilities, McMinnville and Portland (February 2022)


Past Fact Books

Digital copies of Fact Books prior to the current year are available to the Linfield community on SharePoint.  In addition, hard copies of the Fact Book going back to its first publication in 1995 are housed in the Jereld R. Nicholson Library and in the lobby of the Office of Academic Affairs.