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Request Linfield Data

The Data Governance Team is committed to making sure that members of the community are able to use information needed to operate Linfield and support its mission while also protecting privacy and keeping confidential and restricted information secure. Many information resources are available to the Linfield community (faculty, staff, students) through the Office of Institutional Research including the Fact Book, each term's enrollment reports, survey results, and others.

If none of those resources meet your needs, please submit a request for data. The request form will ask you to describe the purpose of your request, when you need the information, who you will share the data with, how you will keep the data secure, how frequenly you need the information, and whether it needs to be in any particular format. Timelines for delivery will vary with the complexity of the request. Please allow as much lead time as possible.

After you submit the data request form, an automatically generated email will confirm that your request is received. You will then be contacted by a Linfield 'power user' who works with the kind of information you are looking for (Admission, Alumni, Financial Aid, ITS, Institutional Research, Registrar, Student Affairs, etc.). 

Submit a request for data (Catnet login required)