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Fire permits

To have a fire on campus such as a bonfire, campfire, or a warming fire the local fire marshal requires a fire permit. This permit specifies how to keep your event safe. It also notifies people on campus that you are having an event that will be using a fire so that they can help support your event. A great place on campus to have a fire is the HHPA fire pit.

To obtain a fire permit-

  1. Schedule your event.
    Student events: First obtain approval for your event from the Student Activities Office. To do so please fill out an Event Application form on the University Activities Website
    Community Events
    : Please schedule your event with Conference and Events at
  2. Review your permit with the Linfield University Environmental Health and Safety Director, Erik Stenehjem. He can be reached at (503)-883-2431 or His office is located in the Facilities Building. He will review your event plans and review how you can make your event safe. He will then sign the permit. He will notify CPS so that they can complete a firewatch after your event. He will also notify Facilities so that a hose connected to water can be provided. If he requires that a fire extinguisher be present, he can arrange a loaner.
  3. After obtaining her signature, then the Fire Permit must be taken to the McMinnville Fire Department and presented to the Fire Marshal. Deborah McDermott is the contact. The McMinnville Fire Department is open M-F 8am-5pm at 175 NE 1st St. The Fire Marshal notifies Erik Stenehjem if the fire permit is approved. If there is a county wide burn ban, the permit will not be approved.

The Linfield University Fire Permit can be downloaded here.