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"You CAN find an internship and we're HERE if you need support!" - Kristi Mackay, Assistant Director, Internship Engagement


An internship is an excellent way to apply your coursework to the world of work. Internships are more meaningful than part-time or summer jobs. Types of internships vary widely; internships can be done throughout the year, can be paid or unpaid, and are available locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Why do an Internship?

Internships are one of the best ways to learn about an industry. The classroom teaches students important information, but there’s something different about implementing those ideas in the real world with a real customer or project.

  • Learn about an industry
  • Apply classroom knowledge
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Test-drive an industry
  • Develop skills
  • Get a foot in the door
  • Gain valuable networking contacts
  • Obtain references
  • Learn about the world of work
  • Meet peers with similar interests


How to Find an Internship


Watch this video for tips about how to find the right internship for you! (This section is in coming soon!)



Cat Connect is a Career Development resource that is dedicated to helping students connect with employers and with jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities that fit their needs. Click here to find directions on how to log into Cat Connect to view postings and start your internship search!

Visit these online resources to find jobs and internships. Remember, look online to get ideas but spend most of your internship search time connecting with people. There are many online resources to assist in your search. Career Development is here to support you along the way!


Tools to Apply

The following is a list of tools that you can use to help you prepare for applying to and interviewing for internships and jobs. 

Earning Credit for Internships

Earning credit for your internship provides structure for guided reflection. You will be assigned a book to read during your internship and you will engage in conversations or writing exercises to reflect upon and connect your coursework to your internship experience.

Major Credit

Arrange for internship credit BEFORE you begin your experience. Many departments allow you to earn internship credit as an elective within your major. Talk with your advisor to learn about how to do this. Internship courses at Linfield use the course numbers 287, 387, and 487. Internship credit requirements vary by department. A general rule is 45 hours per credit hour.

There are academic assignments that are part of earning internship credit. You may be assigned to keep a journal, read a book and reflect on it, network with professionals and other career-related activities. These all guide you in determining how you will proceed at the conclusion of your internship. You will get details on what is expected as you register for the course.

Earn credit concurrently with your internship hours. This reserves time in your academic schedule to work on your internship and the assignments that go with it. Students can earn fall credit for their summer internship. You will complete assignments throughout your internship experience and make a final presentation early in fall semester when you are back on campus.

Internship Coordinators - Spring 2022 

Elective Credit

The elective internship offers students an opportunity to explore job possibilities and make professional connections. This elective internship program supplements but does not replace departmental internships. Elective internship credit is managed through the Career Development office. See course outline and application below. The course can be added through Etrieve.

Course outline

Application for elective credit

Special Internship Programs

Linfield Career Development offers several types of internship programs including programs exclusively for Linfield students, inclusive internship programs, and paid internships within the community. Visit the special internship programs to find more information and application deadlines.


Make the most of your Internship

An Internship is your time to shine! Show your supervisor that you are a great fit for the organization through your actions. Keep these things in mind as you complete your internship.

  • Set goals for yourself. Meet with your supervisor to discuss these goals and they can guide and support you in meeting them.
  • Connect with colleagues and introduce yourself to organization leaders in person. Try to understand what they do within the organization and use them as a resource. Also, connect through LinkedIn.
  • Show initiative by showing up early, saying yes to helping on projects, and asking to attend meetings.
  • Stay organized and manage your time. Take notes during meetings and write down deadlines. Complete tasks on time and discuss priorities with your supervisor.