Inside Linfield - Leadership


Resident Assistants (RAs) - Resident Assistants are Residence Life’s live-in student staff who work to develop safe, supportive, and engaged communities for their peers. In their role, RAs serve as a resource to students, develop monthly programming, and assist with the housing transition processes. Being an RA gives students the opportunity to develop valuable leadership, communication, and community building skills. Interested in becoming an RA?  Applications will be available on Cat Connect in January. Find more information on the application process under "Interested in Becoming an RA?"

Residence Life Assistants (RLAs) - Residence Life Assistants (RLAs) serve as paraprofessionals who support and work with both our student and professional staff. RLAs live in on-campus housing and must have served as a Resident Assistant for a minimum of one year prior to taking on the role. Each year, four RLAs are hired to serve roles in each of the following focus areas: Housing, Programming, Leadership Development, and Community Relations.

Peer Conduct Board - The purpose of the Peer Conduct Board is to educate students, help keep the community safe by preventing future violations, and to hold students responsible for their choice(s). The Peer Conduct Board is a board made up of student representatives. When a policy violation is made by a student, they have the opportunity to go in front of a board of their peers to be educated on the violated policy and to take responsibility for their actions. The Members of the Peer Conduct Board usually apply for their positions early in the fall semester (but can submit an application at any time) and serve for one year on the Board. Many Members choose to return to the Board for more than one year. Each member will serve on the Board one night a week. The Board is led by the Peer Conduct Board Chair Person, and responds to the Area Director for Community Standards.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) - RHA is a student-led organization dedicated to providing engaging programs, leadership opportunities and advocacy for residential students. Residence Halls on campus select representatives who attend our meetings and make up the RHA general assembly. Learn more on the RHA website!

In all of our student leadership positions within Linfield Residence Life we work to help our leaders grow in our five Core Competencies; Leadership Development, Social Responsibility, Effective Communication, Multicultural Competency, and Collaboration. You can review these Core Competencies in depth by following the link: Core Competencies for Student Leaders