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Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA Welcome HomeRHA is a student-led organization dedicated to providing engaging programs, leadership opportunities and advocacy for residential students. Residence Halls on campus select representatives who attend our meetings and make up the RHA general assembly. 

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2020-2021 RHA Leadership

Preslie Petrick, President-- The President calls and leads all meetings of the RHA Leadership Team and the General Assembly. The President delegates tasks to the general assembly and keeps the organization moving forward. The President serves as the RHA liaison between event and activity co-sponsors. The President also serves as a liaison for Linfield University’s Residence Hall Association to NACURH and PACURH.

Abby LaBuhn, Vice President-- The Vice President prepares a calendar of events and activities for RHA, by selecting dates, locations, and other relevant information with the assistance of the RHA Leadership Team. The Vice President oversees the planning, promotion, scheduling, and execution of all events and activities. The Vice President creates committees within the General Assembly body to plan and organize events.

Virag Carlile-Kovacs, Communications Chair-- The Communications Chair keeps an accurate record of all RHA Leadership Team meetings and General Assembly meetings by keeping and drafting minutes, which they make available to all RHA members at large. The Communications Chair also manages all social media accounts by posting updates and media related to activities and conferences hosted and/or attended by RHA. Responsible for advertising and informing residents, students, and the Linfield community of all RHA events and activities.

Hall Representatives-- 2-5 per hall. Hall Representatives serve as the voice of their specific hall. They do small scale programming alongside the RAs within their community and bring forward any suggestions or concerns from the residents. The Hall Representatives recognize and celebrates the achievements and successes within their community. They attend the weekly General Assembly Meetings and help with large scale RHA programs.

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