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Academic Support resources

Developing academic skills is an ongoing process that can be consistently improved upon. By visiting this page, it is clear that you are interested in becoming a better student, and LSS is here to support you on that goal. Meet with LSS today to work on specific growth areas!

Individual appointments and academic coaching 

Students can meet one-on-one with the Learning Support Services staff throughout the semester.  These meetings can serve as a way for students to stay grounded while away at college, work on study strategies, time management, organization, notetaking methods, and / or other areas of academic skill development.

General study strategies and Tutoring

Staff members at LSS are available to review your study strategies as well discuss how to most effectively use professor office hours, study groups, and tutoring resources


LSS is the office on campus that formally supports students with disabilities and determines academic accommodations.  Students who experience disability-related barriers and intend to utilize accommodations are encouraged to connect with LSS as soon as possible. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 503-883-2562 or emailing The LSS Online Application can also be completed prior to a student's first meeting.

Accessing Accommodations can provide more information about the process.



Learning Support Services
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